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Marketing Automation

Need help getting your marketing automation? with marketing automation service, you can automate everything from leads communicating to updating essential data.

Marketing Automation Services & Solutions | Neighbourhood

Marketing Automation is the act of setting up elements of your marketing process to happen automatically, without the need for manual input. Running the gamut from sending a thank you email when a lead submits a form, to updating data in your CRM based on user-action, Marketing Automation is always a huge time-saver for a business. 


Often mistakenly considered to just be the automatic sending of emails, general marketing automation can be a significantly deeper, more useful tool. Any action that happens multiple times for the same reason can be automated - an email being sent, a task being issued, data being updated etc. If your work day has ever consisted of doing the same boring activity time and time again, it can probably be automated for you.


If you'd like to work in a business with a system that can manage and respond to your users while you sit back and focus on the important stuff (like sweeping all those dang mines for example), then marketing automation is what you need.

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Examples of Common Automations


Sending emails based on a trigger, such as a form submission, button click or qualification status.


Nurturing sequences that send emails, create tasks and notifications and push contacts through the pipeline without you having to lift a finger


Chat bots that can answer basic questions and offer simple information when a user interacts with them



Updating segmentation data based on an event or action taken by a lead. 


Sending a lead a copy of a support request or form submission for their own personal records.


Informing your staff of new leads, updated information, important tasks and more, then prompting their next action (such as a task, a call or an email). 

Marketing Automation can be quick to learn, but difficult to master. At Neighbourhood, we're always striving to find new opportunities for automation that will improve the customer, the lead and your staff's experience. From simple, single action automations that tag something like a lifecycle stage, to complex nurturing automations that span months and tens of emails, setting up automated processes within your business saves time and money, so if you're not already doing it - start now!

Marketing Automation
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