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Customer Segmentation
Project Location
Brisbane, Australia
Project Goals

Wine Ark is Australia’s largest wine storage provider, with over two million bottles in their cellars for clients located in more than forty countries. Bogged down by outdated, manual processes, it was making communicating with their customer base an unnecessarily challenging and time-consuming process. 
It had become clear they needed a modern platform that could offer email content tailored to each individual customer while also providing the analytic tools to give insight into performance.

Tools Used
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Their wants


Accurate and up-to-date customer data


Quicker and easier processes for sending targetted emails


Greater visibility over the email marketing process

Their needs


Data cleanup and migration into HubSpot


Landing pages, forms and a chatbot to allow for progressive profiling of customers and new subscribers


A new email marketing process that included segmentation, automation and easy-to-use templates


Enablement sessions to provide training on the new tools and processes


Reports and dashboards to monitor campaign performance

Identifying the problem

Wine Ark realised their outdated processes were causing them to fall behind their competition. Knowing they needed to elevate their email marketing strategy with targeted content, their existing email platform just wasn't cutting it. 

Due to a lack of segmentation tools, sending personalised content required Wine Ark, to manually create static lists. These were based entirely on customers management knew off the top of their head, and thought might be interested. This was not only time-consuming but led to marketing opportunities slipping through the cracks. Ineffective methods to save time by hitting send on an email to all customers, in addition to using very basic location-based segmentation resulted in irrelevant content being sent to customers.

Scope of works

Marketing & Growth

Customer Segmentation 

Email Templates and Automation

Landing Page, Form & Chatbot Creation

Repor & Dashboard Setup

HubSpot Onboarding & Support

Platform Setup

Data Migration 

Training & Support

The Plan

  • HubSpot Setup & Data Migration
  • Landing Page, Form & Chatbot Setup
  • Reporting and Dashboard Development
  • Training + Platform Onboarding

HubSpot Setup & Data Migration

  • Alongside general HubSpot onboarding, Neighbourhood linked their website domain to allow for pages to be added later on.
  • We imported Wine Arks data, ensuring existing data from their previous email marketing platform, Vision6, was error-free and formatted correctly. Now with clean data, Neighbourhood completed its migration into HubSpot and established customised properties that aligned with Wine Ark's unique customer data points.
  • Next, we crafted a sales pipeline that enhanced the team's sales process and enabled more efficient management. This step allowed Wine Ark to track their sales progress, and sales representatives could focus their efforts on the most promising prospects.

Landing Page, Form & Chatbot Setup

  • Here we focused on enhancing data quality by streamlining the data collection process for existing and potential customers. We achieved this by setting up landing pages, forms, and chatbots.
  • Neighbourhood designed a seamless experience for visitors exploring Wine Ark's website, allowing users to complete forms that gather essential information about their wine preferences, budget, and location. Creating additional forms to collect customer feedback about email content enabled Wine Ark to enhance its marketing strategy over time. 
  • To improve accuracy in profiling new subscribers, Neighbourhood implemented an email follow-up process.
  • Ensuring all customer touch-points were covered to support Wine Arks customer experience whilst optimising data collection, Neighbourhood implemented a chatbot to assist new and returning customers.

Reporting and Dashboard Development

  • To allow Wine Ark to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing automation initiatives, Neighbourhood created detailed reports and dashboards to monitor email performance for Wine Ark to refine their email marketing strategy over time.
  • These reports tracked customer feedback form responses, enabling Wine Ark to better understand the content that resonates with customers and their preferences.
  • This meant better campaign performance visibility, overview of email performance and customer feedback so Wine Ark could take insights and fine-tune their email marketing strategy.

Training + Platform Onboarding

  • Throughout the project, a big focus was ensuring Wine Ark felt confident using HubSpot. Neighbourhood provided workshops with ongoing support that offered detailed insight into new tools and processes, covering topics such as CRM fundamentals, sales email tools, marketing emails, forms and landing pages.

The Strategy

  • Customer Segmentation and Emailing Process Overhaul
  • Simplify the Emailing Process

Customer Segmentation and Emailing Process Overhaul

  • With Wine Ark's data now cleaned and organised, we began the process of streamlining their customer segmentation and email communication using HubSpot.
  • To accomplish this, we created active lists for segmentation that update automatically to ensure only relevant customers were contacted based on their wine preferences, budget, and location.

Simplify the Emailing Process

  • Ensuring quality and consistent email marketing, we curated on-brand email templates with automated email sequences for lead nurturing and form submissions, as well as active lists for segmentation. This simplified the eDM process but also enabled Wine Ark to provide targeted and personalised content to customers.


The Results


Email Open Rate


Email Click-Through-Rate

By having clean and accurate data stored in a centralised portal, Wine Ark now has a complete view of their customer base. Now, they can effectively segment when creating active lists based on a large combination of factors, including wine preferences, purchase history, and price range. 

The implementation of targeted email campaigns has yielded remarkable results, with an open rate of 33.13% and a click-through rate of 23.38%. Their new more targeted approach has resonated with customers and led to more effective communication. Plus, HubSpot's analytics and reporting tools have given Wine Ark greater visibility over their data, enabling them to track and measure the success of their email campaigns accurately.


Wine Ark no longer needs to waste time manually creating email lists or sending generic emails to all contacts. With HubSpot, they can easily send out hyper-personalised content to ensure customers receive relevant content.

Collaborating with Neighbourhood on a diligent email strategy alongside HubSpot has future-proofed customer relationship management processes and given greater visibility into their customer data and email marketing performance.

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Revenue Generated in First Four Months


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Form Submissions in First Four Months

National Storage


Records Updated Automatically


Automated Emails Sent


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