Buyer Persona Development

Looking to build out your buyer personas? We provide buyers persona development services so you'll get to know your customers better and segment your marketing.

Buyer personas are an absolute must to discover exactly who your customers are and how to best connect with them.

Growing better in the marketing world comes down to having a deep understanding of your buyer personas - fictional representations of your ideal customer, which help you tailor your messaging, content, product development to appeal to their specific needs, behaviours and concerns. 

Relevant messaging is the bread and butter of lead generation, because when choosing a product or service, people naturally gravitate towards businesses they know and trust. And hey! The best way to build trust is to show genuine understanding and concern for the other guy!

So that everyone, company-wide, is on the same page about what makes your customers tick, you need to have unified personas. This ensures that: product development can use buyer personas when building product roadmaps to prioritise changes based on what customers need the most, marketing can use them to build effective strategies, sales can build rapport, and customer support can better service people! 

How NBH develops your buyer personas


Research: Neighbourhood will analyse your current customers and will send questionnaires to your staff to build positive personas. We will then review old leads and past customers to form the fabric of a negative persona!


Workshop: Neighbourhood will generate a report from the information found, distribute the report to you and your staff and then facilitate a 3-hour workshop where we will separate into small groups and discuss our findings. 


Documenting: Neighbourhood design and present the developed Buyer Personas in a digestible format that can be easily distributed across your organisation to ensure continuity across all sectors. 


Refresh: it's important to recognise that creating a buyer persona is not a one-time fix – you must update and refresh buyer personas every 6 months at your organisations’ discretion. 

Three personas every business has


The Positive Persona: a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer who reflects the needs, concerns and pain points of one of your buyers.


The Negative Persona: represents a collection of behaviours, demographics, and real-life scenarios that disqualify leads from your pool of happy, paying customers. 


The Other Persona: don’t hesitate to create an array of buyer personas. Some companies have ten or more, and that’s all good. It all depends on the diversity of your business, the number of products you sell, and the diversity of your customer base.

Are you on the hunt for an in-depth buyer persona that's super referable across marketing, sales and customer service?

Look no further! Neighbourhood has you covered.

Effective data analysis of your contact database, asking the right questions during interviews and listing insightful forms on your website form the nuts and bolts of effective buyer persona development and are key to your overall marketing success. 

Having a tip-top buyer persona that's regularly updated and evolving with your customer's needs, is seven times more likely to exceed your lead and revenue goals! It's a no-brainer.

Looking to build out your buyer personas?

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