Inbound Marketing

Driving brand awareness, generating qualified leads and growing revenue is what to expect from nailing your Inbound Marketing strategy - so let's begin!

Inbound is all about how you sell a product, rather than the product itself.

In a nutshell, Inbound is a philosophy built around helping people.

It aligns with the way customers think by providing personalised, relevant and helpful experiences - experiences that make them feel valued. 

Quite an introduction, right? But, Inbound deserves all of the accolade, because it answers the question, "How would you like to be marketed to?".

In order to create relationships that last and customers that stay, every customer facing team needs to focus on how to contextually attract, engage and delight prospects and customers to continue to build trust.

The way consumers purchase has changed In the past, you'd blindly believe the guy trying to sell you something without fully knowing if what he was saying had any substance. 


What an Inbound Campaign looks like with NBH


We'll kick off by setting goals through having a discovery session and getting the basics down pat by creating a buyer persona for your business, to work off for the entire campaign. This will involve some in-depth industry research to identify gaps in the market and opportunities for you!


We then focus on how we plan on getting found by doing keyword research and in-depth onsite SEO testing to optimize your website for search results. We'll set out an editorial calendar to organize blog writing and posting as well as social marketing.


Once we've put some hefty groundwork in, it's time we generated some leads! We'll open the floodgates to new customers by doing some serious content creation, designing landing pages and creating call-to-actions. 


Finally, we acquire customers through aligning sales and marketing processes, as well as setting up lead nurturing campaigns, automated workflows and closed-loop reporting.

Benefits of an Inbound Marketing campaign


Inbound campaigns generate quality traffic and leads, by generating and developing relationships that drive profitable customer action!


Inbound increases trust and credibility, by allowing prospects to consume information on their terms.


By producing content that is aligned with the buyer's journey, Inbound also increases your website's visibility and brand awareness. As well as this, if readers like what you've written, they'll share it with their friends, solidifying your reputation as a credible source!


The lower costs of inbound automatically mean better opportunities for ROI, as well as the ability to spend your time more wisely on the right activities.

Are you wanting another way to connect and engage your people outside of paids ads?

Inbound has become an essential state of mind for modern marketers, understanding that loveable experiences directly translate to dollar signs!

At Neighbourhood we're always on the look out for new opportunities to help others find, keep and sell to their people, in the most human, helpful and holistic way possible.

So if inbound isn't already driving your marketing efforts, get crackin' today! 

Does Inbound Marketing sound like your ticket to better customer engagement?

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