Marketing Bootcamp

It starts with you and ends with the customer. What does your current strategy look like and how is it setting you up for future success? Our marketing bootcamp delves into just that and some!

Together, we take your current strategy and adapt it into going above and beyond your original scope.

You can relax now, this isn't a physically daunting Bootcamp where we wear matching sweatbands and chant positive affirmations (though we can definitely do that).

Neighbourhoods Marketing Bootcamp is designed to give you a full front and back-end view of where your marketing strategy is sitting currently. Whether you're walking blind and pouring money into Facebook Ads because, "Everyone else is doing it", or you're a seasoned vet - this Marketing Bootcamp helps kick things up a notch so you're better than you were last year, let alone last month.

What does a Marketing Bootcamp look like with NBH?


First off, we'll get a holistic view of your current marketing play through a full audit and analysis.


Once we've understood what makes you, you, we'll map out a detailed 3-month execution plan so you're able to start making an immediate impact.


Now it's time for a 12-month marketing plan to keep this ball well and truly rolling - this is a curated strategy specifically for you and your goals, helping you better connect and engage with your people so you're maximising ROI.

Benefits of a Marketing Bootcamp with NBH


Fine-tune your strategy through tried and tested marketing and CX best practices.


Increase your ROI through current and new marketing channels.


Discover in-depth who your customers are, strengthen relationships and create more meaningful content.

So, are you looking to drive ROI on your marketing efforts?

We get it - it's easy to allow weeks, let alone months to pass by doing what's comfortable with social posting and the occasional spend. But, you didn't just make a life decision to invest in ordinary, so why should you market ordinary? 

Think a Marketing Bootcamp could be your next step to success?

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