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Our lead nurturing services provide value to your leads & help them grow with your business. See how NBH gets the conversation flowing with Lead Nurturing.

Lead Nurturing Services in Australia | Neighbourhood

Lead nurturing is to inbound what cheese is to crackers. Completely essential! It's about creating a real and human conversation with your leads, by delivering helpful content with the goal of earning their business when they're ready


When it comes to lead nurturing, there are three facts you need to remember as a marketing buff.  Firstly, a nurturing campaign needs to be timely, which we deliver through email automation to connect with leads at the right time. It also needs to be efficient, through engaging with them quick-smart after they've shown an interest! Lastly, lead nurturing needs to be targeted, by providing contextual messages to each of your contacts - what might be relevant to one lead might not be to another! 

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We will start by setting measurable goals and selecting the relevant buyer persona contact you wish to target with your campaign. 


Neighbourhood then offers value by creating content that inspires and engages leads, rather than selling a product right off the bat. 


We will then set timelines to organize content over time. The key here is to be patient, we won't push a lead into a sale, we need to let it happen naturally! 



Lead nurturing ensures you're keeping your organization top of mind by educating your leads about your brand! 


It not only bridges the gap between sales and marketing but also saves valuable sales resources!


Lead nurturing also allows you to learn more about your leads and what interests them so you can build trust and more meaningful relationships! 

It takes about 6 - 8 interactions through email, live chat, messenger and social media, to generate a viable sales lead. It's essentially a game of making friends, easy to get right, even easier to get wrong.


Neighbourhood combine contact management expertise in automation software, segmentation and the buyer's journey to land you a fool-proof lead-nurturing strategy that's guaranteed to win you friends and that will be hanging around for more! 

Lead Nurturing
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