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Are you looking to update your social media strategy? Check out how Neighbourhood can help you manage your social media marketing and generate more leads.

Social Media Marketing Agency- Australia | Neighbourhood
It's hard to deny the impact social media has had on modern marketing and the world in general. There are more people, being more social online than ever before, and brands who do not capitalise on that are ignoring a huge resource and opportunity.


Some social media platforms have grown and evolved to make the monetisation of their user base easier and more effective, while others prefer to prioritise user experience over advertising potential. This is basically what social media marketing boils down to - treating the user base as a captive audience, to which you can attempt to sell your product or service.


At Neighbourhood, we understand that social media advertising is one of the most important pieces in your brands' marketing puzzle. That's why we make it a major priority for any brand looking to grow and expand their business and sales. 


In order to effectively grow your audience, we place an emphasis on firstly understanding your target audience. If you don't know who you're talking to, how can you start a conversation and begin building that connection? That's why buyer personas are an essential element in our social media marketing plans. Learn more about our buyer persona development workshops.


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Establishing your Buyer Personas. We need to understand who your perfect audience is, who's more likely to purchase and who to avoid. Our process for establishing who you need to be selling to goes all the way from interviewing your current audience to providing you with a persona breakdown of each of your ideal customers.


Defining a goal and building a campaign.  We work with brands to ensure that every ad has a purpose and is always driving people to complete that goal. Part of this is ensuring that advertising is supported by a robust campaign of landing pages, content offers and more back on your website - the job doesn’t finish with someone clicking an ad; that’s where it begins.


Optimising and tweaking. We’re always looking for ways to update and optimise in the long-term. We’ll continue to edit and improve the ad to ensure that we maximise ROI and deliver on the goals.



Understanding who your ideal customers and Buyer Personas is an essential step in social media marketing, and just as important is discovering your negative personas who don't convert as often or take up more time than it's worth. To build your own set of buyer personas, it generally takes 1-2 weeks.


Now we know who we're talking to, we can build a campaign around their needs, goals and problems that need solving. NBH is a small agile team which means we can get content, designs and development turned around quicker than most agencies. If time is of the essence and you need a campaign quickly NBH can have one live within 1-2 weeks. 


The all-important optimising and continuous improvement of your social media ads. While we try and nail the audience and ads from day one, as we understand what's working and what's not we aim to increase conversion rates and ensure that the campaign is seeing by the right people. There's no set time for optimising the ads, we'll continue making sure we're improving over the entire lifetime of the campaign. 

Social media marketing and campaigns are an effective tool for lead generation services. With how important social media has become in business, it's a huge opportunity missed if a brand has little to no presence on any platforms. Not every platform will be right for you so don't feel like you need 20 different social accounts! 


If you're interested in learning which platform is right for you, schedule a chat with us below and let's look at how NBH can help you manage your social media marketing and generate more leads. 

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