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Get started with lead scoring. At NBH, you can find a way to qualify your leads better to avoid wasting time on low-quality leads that won't convert. Read More!

Lead Scoring Agency Australia | Neighbourhood

Many businesses are incorrect about what they need from marketing. They need more sales, and they believe the way to do that is more leads, ignoring the fact that they have below average conversion rates. In many cases, they have plenty of leads, the issue is how to know which ones are actually going to convert, and are therefore worth spending the time and effort on. 


One method of qualifying your leads is Lead Scoring. Lead Scoring allows you to develop a point scoring system based around different interactions with your site and marketing. A lead visits your home page? Give them a point. That same lead visits your pricing page? Make it 3 points. They download an eBook? 8 points. They book a meeting? 15 points. 


The more points a lead accrues, the more engaged they are, and therefore the more willing they will be to buy. Set yourself a Lead Score threshold (of say, 25 points) and only spend your time selling to those that will stick around and purchase. 


If you're looking for a more efficient sales process, better conversion rates and improved returns on investment, then a Lead Scoring framework might be just what you need! Lucky for you, we know our way around Lead Scoring - we use it ourselves! 

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We'll work with you to develop a scoring sequence that makes sense to your customers and their activities with your brand. Your scoring framework should be 100% unique. 


We have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve - such as using the fibonacci sequence as a guide to score amounts! 


Once your scoring system is planned and implemented, we'll draw up a guide so that you can explain the system to your staff, and you can have the specifics on file for future adjustments.



Decide on how much value different actions are on your site, in the context of how likely you think it is that someone will buy. E.g - Requesting a meeting is high, it means someone wants to talk specifics. 


Once you've planned a score for every relevant positive action a lead can take on your site or in your marketing, consider what might detract from the score. Not visiting the site? Not opening emails? 


Now that you have your scores, decide on a threshold that indicates someone is worth investing time into. You can potentially have multiple thresholds; the higher someone reaches, the more important it is you talk to them. 


Build out your scores and the required automations using your CRM / Marketing software of choice. We of course recommend Hubspot. 

Lead Scoring can  be a very effective way of helping to guide leads through the buyers journey, and allowing your sales staff to understand and respond to their needs all the more effectively. It can also free up a lot of time previously spent speaking to leads that may have just been browsing or had no real inclination to buy. 


If you think that Lead Scoring might be something your business could use, then reach out to us! We'd love to discuss just how we can help you optimise your sales process, whether it's through Lead Scoring alone, or across the board! 

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