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LDK Healthcare is an aged care brand that seeks to provide retirement living communities to seniors around Australia. They first approached us soon after acquiring the land for the first of their villages, looking for an agency that could develop and implement marketing software and help them to nurture their leads as they built out a customer base of interested leads.

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What they wanted

A CRM and marketing software that could hold their contacts, facilitate email communications and assist their sales team in closing deals.
Comprehensive lead nurturing to encourage movement of their leads through their buying stages
Design support on landing pages and Emails

What they needed

A Marketing / Sales Alignment SLA to better define the stages of their buyers journey
An in-depth, connected sales pipeline to assist their sales staff with managing all of the different types of contact entering their system
Reporting on the conversions and numbers on movement of contacts from lead to MQL Status

LDK Healthcare’s primary focus when they first approached us was to better communicate to their prospects what made them the right choice when it came to selecting a senior living facility. Obviously the product they’re selling is a huge investment, not just financially but also emotionally, so that communication was rightfully prioritised.


On top of that however, we saw that there were inconsistencies within the business on how the leads and contacts were classified, with marketing and sales both having complicated, multi-stage funnels that weren’t being utilised efficiently. On top of this, their contact base had quirks that led to difficulties in the data, such as multiple family members being a part of the decision making process for a single potential resident, and multiple potential residents sharing an email address. These issues required custom solutions and work-arounds so that the staff at LDK could work more efficiently and effectively, without having to rely on manual data entry.

Scope of works

Find. Sell. Keep.

  • Web Design & Development
  • CRM Implementation & Development
  • Advanced Form Development
  • Email Marketing (Design & Development)
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment
  • Integration

Find. Sell. Keep.

  • Sales Pipeline Development
  • Reporting Dashboard Setup & Implementation


Implementing efficiency

Initially, our scope was straight forward - web development, CRM implementation and  development of some lead nurturing for their leads. We designed and built a great website that clearly laid out what set LDK Healthcare apart, and paired it with Hubspot so that we could utilise landing pages, CTA’s and forms to help drive lead acquisition.

After this, our attention turned to setting up a nurturing workflow that could extol the virtues of LDK Healthcare via membership in their ‘Community Member’ program, a way of qualifying leads. It was here that we attempted to correlate the internal customer journey (one which had around 10 distinct stages) with the Marketing Lifecycle Stages, but quickly realised that further clarity was needed to be able to get Marketing, Sales and ourselves on the same page.

As such, we built out several documents that laid out an agreement between Marketing and Sales on what each of those stages looked like and how contacts would move through them.

Once this had been established, we returned to the Nurturing track, developing a sequence of 9 emails, each linking to individual blog content, interspersed with automated task creation and internal emails to encourage staff to reach out to any nurtured leads whose engagement slacked off.

All of this was supported by significant marketing automation that allowed both the marketing and sales teams to concentrate more on interacting with their community than on back-end systems, allowing LDK Healthcare to better interact with their people.


Challenges faced

One of the challenges we faced in communicating with LDK’s audience was quirks specific to the advanced age-group that many of them belonged to. Two major difficulties were;

  1. Senior couples would share an email address, but both had to be reflected in the CRM so that the right information could be collected from both, and;
  2. Many senior leads preferred in-person or phone-based communications, avoiding the internet where possible.

To address the first challenge, we developed an automation using an integration with Zapier that allowed for one Hubspot Form to create two distinct Contact profiles in Hubspot (with one using a placeholder email address). This meant that a couple could sign up using a single email address and know that they were affiliated from that point on.

For the second challenge, we set up integrations with Aircall and Fonebox so that leads to their support staff via the phone could be added to the CRM with minimal manual involvement. This proved doubly useful when phone numbers became the major call-to-action for paid advertising efforts.


Real-Time Reporting

On the sales side, we continued our work in developing the Marketing & Sales Alignment to also build out several comprehensive pipelines for use by the sales teams. These pipelines utilised required fields, stage-based automations, deal-associated products and more to give the team at LDK a much better view of where their community was and how best to help them.

One of the major pain points that came to light after we began working with LDK was the need for clear and precise reporting from almost every part of the business that could be passed up the chain and utilised by the decision makers at the top. Using an integration with Databox, we developed many in-depth dashboards that pulled from Hubspot, Social Media channels, financial software, Aircall and more to provide a one-stop shop for all the data that was required. On top of that, we used Hubspot’s internal reporting capabilities to build out extensive reports on lead acquisition and conversion that could then be combined with paid marketing data to provide robust reporting on the marketing process across the first few stages of the journey.  


Building a foundation

As LDK Healthcare grows closer to being able to start actively selling their properties and operating their villages, our work has simplified the marketing and sales processes significantly. Our developments to the initial stages of the customer journey have streamlined the lead acquisition process considerably, and the reporting data we provide is used throughout the business to track how things are moving.

While the business is yet to begin actively making sales (pending construction of the village), we have set up a solid, scaleable foundation that will be able to manage their growing contact base in the lead up to launch. Our new Marketing & Sales SLA means that there is an internal consistency on journey stages and lead quality, while our work on lead capture has cut down on the time staff need to spend cleaning up or manually editing data.  

"The team at Neighbourhood have helped us navigate the journey in starting up a new business and building a CRM. At no point have we felt as though we are dealing with a big business, we are dealing with a family. Neighbourhood are extremely responsive and are extremely talented solution creators. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team and would recommend others to take the opportunity to work with them. As a prior user of Salesforce I would never go back as HubSpot mixed with Neighbourhood support has delivered beyond our expectations."


Moving forwards, our work with LDK is only growing stronger as we work to implement even more powerful and comprehensive reporting with new integrations, simplify the purchasing process even further and work to continue optimising with automations that replace manual efforts. As LDK continues to grow and expand, we are excited to ensure their system keeps up and maintains the level of professional, personal communication with their community that they've come to expect and love. 

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