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Find. Sell. Keep.

Turn your people into your promoters.

It's taken a little while, but brands are slowly coming to the realisation that the marketing and selling process shouldn't end with the purchase. Retaining a former customer is easier and cheaper than finding new ones, so if you aren't putting some effort into keeping your past customers coming back for more, then you're behind the times. When we help our clients 'Keep' their customers, we're talking about building out support systems, knowledge bases that can answer FAQs, chat bots that can help guide users and more. 


Modern customers want the VIP treatment, every time and for every purchase. By working to Keep your customers happy, you're giving it to them.

If any of these ring a bell, then we have your answer.

We know the pains of a business that hasn't been serving their customers as well as they could be, and they sound a lot like this...
"Our customers aren't very loyal, they buy once and then disappear."
"A lot of our customers reach out via email and its hard to track, is there an easier way to communicate?"
"Our staff is spending too long responding to questions."
"Is it possible to help our customers find solutions on their own?"
"Our staff are struggling to track all of the requests they receive via email."
"We've been receiving negative reviews about our business - how do we improve our public image?"

You got any of these problems, let us help you

approach (6)-1

Create the journey.

Once you get a customer, the first week sets the tone of your brand. We like to look a little into the future and map out touch points, opportunities for further purchase or just send them a little happy birthday before their family members do... it's the little things.


Look for easter eggs.

Intelligent communications are our jam, we'll use the data we have on hand to assist with the cross-sell or up-sell of your products. We're always on the look out for opportunities to add value where your eagle-eyed customers will never see it coming.


Set internal standards.

Ensuring that you maintain high standards is important for the growth of any brand. We are going to set clear standards, so the customer is always receiving the highest standard of service. We can even track that service on a live dashboard. If there are any issues getting in the way of growth, you'll know about it far before it becomes a problem.


Pulse-checking your customers.

Using real data such as NPS Surveys and emails, internal forms and more, we'll see how your customers feel about your brand and what they want to see more (or less) of. This allows you to ensure that your business is always relevant and always providing value. Keeping people happy is the name of the game. 


Measure & Improve.

Using live dashboards, we ensure all eyes are kept on 100% perfect standard of service. We also set goals to make certain that the team are working hard to out perform your competitors.


How we can help with Customer Service

  • Customer journey strategy - cross sell/up sell

  • Install HubSpot service hub & training

  • Single inbox setup, automation & training

  • Ticket system setup & training 

  • Create Self-Service Content

  • Live Chat Strategy/Set up & Chatbot Training

  • Knowledge Base Content 

  • VOIP Calling and Integration


Some neighbourhoods we have grown

joebloe | Neighbourhood

joebloe is a men's hair loss company that approached us in early 2017. Helmed by three old school-mates, Neighbourhood was approached to help them grow their business, while also pushing the understanding of men's hair loss. They were passionate about solutions to the customers hair loss problems, and education to help assist men who are a little lighter on top and don't understand why.


The Australian Institute of Fitness approached Neighbourhood in late 2018, looking for assistance with the improvement of their Hubspot portal. At the time, they had 28 sales team members in over 6 states across Australia and were struggling to implement the structure that could help them scale and grow effectively.

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