Support Ticketing

Memorable customer service begins with great customer service management. Organise, optimise and prioritise with Support Ticketing implementation.

Through support software, Support Tickets are interactions between customers and customer service teams to resolve their queries.

Before you turn your nose the other way from the idea of waiting for your ticket number to be called out at your local registry, Support Ticketing isn't quite this approach.

Through some nifty software, we establish individual support tickets as a numbered request that keeps every form of contact with the customer under a 'ticket'. Why? Well, you're customer service management trickles into the quality of CX you offer, so shouldn't your customer have their queries solved as quickly, and smoothly as possible?

How Support Ticketing benefits your business


Understanding where your customer is in their journey at any time


Consolidating all contact with the customer to reduce back-and-forth email chains or extended wait times


Offer your customer service team support in locating support tickets effortlessly, whilst offering context in every interaction

How Neighbourhood helps implement Ticketing


Together, we'll map out your customer service process and assign response time requirements for your service team - supporting them support your customers


Next, we'll create your customer service ticket pipeline with automatic reminders for front-end and back-end users


Finally, Neighbourhood will train your customer service team to use the process through in-depth workshops - upskilling them in utilising HubSpot

Streamline your customer service - everyone wins

Support ticketing is something everyone can smile about. It offers a straightforward, linear journey for your customers that feels more or less seamless, whilst empowering your team to serve your customers best. 

If you're eager to fine-tune how you grow, interact and nurture your customer base, why not start with support ticketing? Reach out!

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