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Terrascope Pte. Ltd., a high-performance carbon measurement SaaS company, collaborated with us to improve their efficiency on HubSpot. However, a challenge emerged after completing a thorough and deep onboarding process.

It was recognised that HubSpot's default features fell short of providing the advanced Survey reporting capabilities Terrascope needed. This limitation hindered their access to vital Survey insights, impacting operational optimisation and customer support strategy automation.

Tools Used

Their wants


Comprehensive customer Survey insights on a Contact and Company Level


Reporting capabilities using specific CSAT and NPS formulas


Rapid filtering options for customer Survey data and reports


Utilisation of Survey results for streamlined automation of Customer Tiering

Their needs


Creation of a Custom Object that treats Survey results as separate records


Multiple calculated properties to implement their specific reporting needs


Automation to push the data to the correct areas and set Customer Tiers


Training to ensure self-sufficiency

Identifying the problem

Terrascope acknowledged a reporting gap in their Surveys and sought help translating their specific requirements into reality. We observed that utilising Survey data in HubSpot posed challenges for this project. While HubSpot has some useful built-in reporting capabilities for Surveys, it did not provide us with the means to use the Industry Standard CSAT and NPS formulas on an encompassing level and scale. We were also unable to use both NPS and CSAT within a single survey, meaning the only option was to create custom surveys, or only use one unit of measurement. On top of this, we noticed that all industry-standard ratings were stored in a single property (NPS, CSAT, CES), meaning that these ratings were often unusable. Even if these ratings were pushed to a different property associated with that Survey, it would be rewritten each time someone submitted a new Survey.

Scope of works

HubSpot Onboarding & Support

Custom Object Creation

Development of Custom Calculation Properties

Manual Enrollment of all Historical Data

Training & Support

Customer Service and Ticketing

Discovery Workshop

Research and Development

Create an Implementation Strategy

Development of Automation Based on Strategy


The Plan

  • Analysis and Understanding of Data
  • Custom Object Development and Implementation
  • Historical Data
  • Documentation and Training

Analysis and Understanding of Data

  • To grasp the full scope of the objective for this project and devise a strategy, Neighbourhood conducted a comprehensive analysis of the data.
  • To overcome this, we devised an interim solution by creating a spreadsheet to transfer data from HubSpot to a Google Sheet. However, this meant the Terrascope team had to manually calculate and review the data each month.
  • Having a better grasp of the data, we needed to think creatively because multiple data points (e.g., NPS, CSAT, CES ratings) were not logically collected.
  • Collaborative discussions led to the realisation that leveraging Custom Objects could address this challenge.

Custom Object Development and Implementation

  • We created a Custom Object aptly named 'Customer Survey Submissions.'
  • We also developed workflows designed to transfer all required data into a record within the Custom Object, associating it with the relevant Contact and Company. 
  • Leveraging these records, we formulated calculation properties, enabling the calculation of averages and industry formulas.
  • With these components in place, we established a workflow that systematically assessed all possibilities before assigning a Customer Tier to the Customer.

Historical Data

  • We also had to ensure the inclusion of all historical Survey submissions within the newly established Custom Object. 
  • HubSpot's new manual enrollment system, via filters, streamlined the enrollment of Surveys, contacts, and companies into relevant workflows.

Documentation and Training

  • In the project's final weeks, we created comprehensive documentation and training for each component, guiding potential upkeep tasks.

The Strategy

  • Using Custom Objects and Automation to Streamline Data Collection
  • Creating Automation to Segment Customers by Tiers

Using Custom Objects and Automation to Streamline Data Collection

  • The strategy to use Custom Objects for this project came about after realising we could only push Survey data to a Contact or Ticket object, and even then, it would be rewritten each time someone completed another Survey.
  • To address the issue of the industry standard ratings being stored in a single property, we implemented the Custom Object and a Survey naming convention strategy to distinguish between the various ratings through automation. 
  • Our automation systematically reviewed all custom Survey questions and ratings, ensuring they were accurately allocated to the appropriate property. The automation would push the data to the Contact and then to the unique Custom Object.

Creating Automation to Segment Customers by Tiers

  • The goal and strategy behind tiering customers was to allow the Terrascope team to quickly identify customers who are of higher value, happier, or at risk of churn based on certain identifiers.
  • The initial strategy was to assign points based on the customer’s Total Contract Value, NPS formulated average, and CSAT formulated average. 
  • However, we realised that whilst all customers would have a Total Contract Value, not all customers would have an NPS or CSAT average. 
  • The strategy for this was to create a workflow that would check every possibility.
  • From there, the Tiers were assigned, with a re-enrollment enabled in case anything changed.

The Results


Time Saved in Manual Data Extraction and Reporting


Time Saved in Filtering Data for Agile Decision-Making


Time Saved in Checking and Setting Customer Tiers

Before implementation, manual extraction of Survey insights was time-intensive and would take nearly 3 hours each month. The new automated workflow reduced this process, saving the Terrascope team time by an estimated 90%.

The system achieved a notable 92% reduction in accessing critical information by automating Survey data filtering, ensuring quick answers for agile decision-making.

Automated workflows for customer tiering based on Survey results saved 90% of the time previously spent on this process, as the system now dynamically checks and assigns tiers.


The transformative integration of Custom Objects and Automation at Terrascope not only unlocked remarkable time savings but ignited a paradigm shift toward operational excellence, perfectly attuned to our overarching project goals. The collaborative effort improved data handling and optimised the team's time, allowing a focus on strategic initiatives and customer support. In this seamless synergy of technology and human ingenuity, we've not just optimised processes; we've unleashed a new era of productivity and innovation, propelling Terrascope to unprecedented heights of success.

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