Chatbot Development

We provide chatbot implementation services for brands to build authentic relationships with their buyers and, in turn, allow buyers to learn to trust brands!

Chatbots are computer programs that mimic human conversation using artificial intelligence - now considered, 'the new website'.

While they may sound a little hi-tech and obnoxious, people dig chatbots because they can assist them in a variety of ways, including finding products, streamlining sales, influencing purchase decisions and boosting social media engagement. The have become an integral part of every new-world marketer's customer service matrix. 

How NBH implement a Chatbot strategy


We start by learning your business, the tone you speak in, who the experts are and what the goal of utilising a chatbot will be. Lead qualifying, live chat, knowledgebase (FAQ) or a book meetings bot are just some of the options you can choose from and they can be different on every page.


Chatbots are created for each page ensuring to tailor the message based on the content and offering on the page. We plan out the automation, write questions, responses and manage who the conversation should be directed to at what point.


Once pages have their own individual chatbots we test the process, ensuring the conversation flows and people are directed to the right place. With your approval, we publish them across your website and triple check everything functions as planned. Now you're set up to assist your customers with support, sales and general questions 24/7!

Benefits of Chatbots on your website


Improves your customer service by providing extensive assistance, on-tap customer support and proactive customer interaction.


Monitors consumer data and gains insights into ways they can market differently to improve their process.


Betters your lead generation, qualification and nurturing by providing personalised messaging that assists customers at every stage of their buyers journey.

Ready to guide your customers at every touchpoint?

Don't miss the opportunity to super-charge your digital marketing strategy with chatbots! By there very nature, they offer a new reality - one that encourages one-on-one conversations between brands and consumers. 

Chatbots are the stuff of dreams here at Neighbourhood, they allow brands to build authentic relationships with their buyers and in turn, allow buyers to learn to trust brands! 

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Neighbourhoods we’ve grown with Sales & CRM services

Siera Group


Revenue Generated in First Four Months


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Form Submissions in First Four Months

Nutra Organics


Increase in Revenue


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Increase in Average Order Value