Siera Group

Building a Seamless Marketing and Sales Process with Siera Group

Marketing & Sales Alignment
Project Location
Brisbane, Australia
Project Goals

Siera Group is a boutique residential property developer in South-East Queensland. Siera Group's marketing team lacked the tools to efficiently collect customer data from their web page, and third-party real estate sites. As well, their sales teams were managing the sales process manually.


The result? Unnecessarily repetitive tasks, a lack of visibility on enquiries and tools to convert leads. The goal was to provide a robust data-driven sales strategy, utilising automation to streamline their sales funnel.

Tools Used
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Their wants


Improved processes for collecting, managing and reporting on customer data 


Better visibility over the entire customer journey


Marketing & Sales teams empowered to collaborate on lead management


To eliminate the need for repetitive manual tasks

Their needs


Workshops to initially define and continuously refine the sales process


Implementation of Pabbly's mail parser to collect customer information from third-party sites


Expanded use of HubSpot to get the most out of Sales Hub and Marketing Hub


Training and support to enable the team to get the most out of the new tools and processes

Identifying the problem

Siera Group knew their current manual marketing and sales processes needed a more automated and data-driven approach, though implementing such a change would require a massive effort.

At Neighbourhood, we understand a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work.  While we would need to plan and workshop their new processes before implementation, the real test would be once it was in effect. From initial scoping to implementation and beyond, we had to gather feedback and optimise their sales pipeline.

Scope of works

Sales & CRM
Design & Build a New Sales Pipeline

Migrate Data From MailChimp to HubSpot

Set Marketing & Sales Automation Within HubSpot

Development of Dashboards & Reports
Website & Integrations
Pabbly Mail Parser Setup & Integration with HubSpot

Landing Page & Form Creation
HubSpot Onboarding & Support
Platform Setup

Training & Support

The Plan

  • Overhaul Data Collection & Management
  • Sales Pipeline Development
  • Reporting & Dashboard Development
  • Training & Ongoing Support

Overhaul Data Collection & Management

  • Siera Group's customer data in HubSpot needed to provide correct information for effective sales communication, lead scoring, and reporting. To ensure this, we needed to overhaul their data collection processes and data structure within the platform.
  • In the past, managing incoming leads from third-party real estate sites like Domain was a tedious and time-consuming task that required manual data entry into the CRM. To simplify this process, we leveraged Pavley's Mail Parser tool to map and update data from new form submissions received via automated email to new or existing contacts in HubSpot.
  • Neighbourhood needed to improve customer data collection on Siera Group's own website. HubSpot's landing pages were employed to increase conversion rates, while HubSpot forms were used to simplify data collection.
  • Although Siera Group was already using HubSpot, a significant amount of data was stored in other platforms such as MailChimp, that had yet to be integrated. Neighbourhood restructured and imported their data, and added properties that enabled lead scoring, automation, and enhanced reporting capabilities. Customer data was essential here within HubSpot to support their goals.

Sales Pipeline Development

  • To kick off the Sales Pipeline Development, we conducted workshops to gain insights into their current process and objectives for their new pipeline. Based on the outcomes, wireframes were created and refined through further workshops before building could commence in HubSpot.
  • We built out pipelines and established workflows to include reminders and automation throughout the lead management process. Once the pipeline was live, we collected data and conducted additional workshops to optimise and streamline the process.

Reporting & Dashboard Development

  • Improving visibility into the buyer's journey was a key objective for the project. To achieve this, we leveraged HubSpot's native analytic features.
  • We built Reports and Dashboards to provide insights into:
    - Marketing Channel Performance
    - Lead Generation
    - Website Performance
    - General Sales Activity
    - Sales Activity by Owner
  • These dashboards were tailored specifically for the current project whilst designed with future projects in mind, allowing dashboards to be cloned and adapted as needed.
  • Through these analytic tools, Siera Group gained valuable insights into their buyer's journey, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that improved their overall marketing and sales strategies.

Training & Ongoing Support

  • As Siera Group was incorporating several new tools and processes into their pipeline, it was essential that their teams were trained on how to use them effectively. To support the transition, Neighbourhood conducted workshops and training sessions to educate them on curated tools and processes.
  • This approach ensured Siera Group's teams were equipped with tools to manage their marketing and sales process effectively, as well as operate their new pipeline successfully. Neighbourhood offered continual technical support once the project was running to ensure that any issues were resolved quickly.

The Strategy

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Optimisation


  • Siera Group had a deep understanding of their customer base. Therefore, we needed to involve key stakeholders and sales agents in all initial planning to create a best-suited pipeline for their unique needs.
  • These conversations were instrumental in determining the most effective way to collect customer information from all channels, including third-party and website leads, phone calls, and walk-ins, and centralise them into one sales pipeline. Workshops with the team helped us identify which pipeline stages could be automated and what needed to be reported on.
  • From there, Neighbourhood created wireframes of new techniques so feedback could be provided, enabling us to refine the pipeline until it met Siera Group's unique needs.
  • By taking this approach, we developed a tailor-made pipeline for Siera Group, enabling them to provide their customers with a smooth customer experience.


  • Once the planning phase was completed, and the wireframes were approved, the team could move on to the implementation stage. Most of the implementation work was conducted within HubSpot, but other integrations were required to collect data and send SMS messages.
  • The first step was utilising Pabbly's email parser tool to extract information from customer inquiries from third-party real estate sites like Domain. This tool was then integrated with HubSpot to enable direct input of customer data into the CRM.
  • Next, the team focused on cleaning up and adding customer data to the HubSpot Core CRM functionality to enable further project work.
  • With insights gained from workshops and wireframing, the team used Marketing Hub to create landing pages and forms to drive conversions and collect customer data. Sales Hub was used to build out the pipeline and automate necessary functions, while integration with MessageMedia was utilised for SMS communications.
  • Finally, HubSpot reports and dashboards were generated, providing actionable insights on the entire customer lifecycle, giving management greater visibility over their buyer's journey.


  • As their existing sales process relied heavily on manual processes, implementing a new automated pipeline was a significant shift for Sierra Group. Though, it was crucial to continue to engage with their sales agents post-implementation to collect feedback and suggestions. This feedback, coupled with insights from the initial sales data, allowed for further improvements to their pipeline, ensuring it became more effective and efficient over time.

The Results


Revenue Generated in First Four Months


Increase in Monthly Deals Created


Form Submissions in First Four Months

Using HubSpot to align Siera Group's sales and marketing process has paid off in spades. By completely overhauling their data entry process, we were able to eliminate manual data entry tasks. Customer data entered on third-party sources, like domain, is now seamlessly integrated with HubSpot, and new landing pages on their website resulted in 844 form submissions in the first four months alone.

The biggest win is in the number of deals created - it soared from 95 in the first month to 184 just three months later. This translates to over $20,000,000 in revenue generated since implementing the new sales pipeline.

The automated sales and marketing process has given Siera Group complete confidence in their visibility over their sales and marketing teams. They can now monitor key metrics and gain actionable insights into the performance of the sales and marketing process through reports and dashboards.


When Siera Group approached us, they were bogged down by manual processes and lacked visibility over their sales pipeline. It was clear they needed to completely overhaul of their sales pipeline.

By integrating third-party data sources and taking full advantage of HubSpot's sales and marketing features, Siera Group has eliminated manual processes and increased efficiency and productivity. And most importantly, they now have a birds-eye view of customers throughout the entire buyer's journey.

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Revenue Generated in First Four Months


Increase in Monthly Deals Created


Form Submissions in First Four Months

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