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Find. Sell. Keep.

Turn your people into your customers.

Once you've attracted your people, you need to convince them to purchase (otherwise what's all this been for)? Whether you have an internal dedicated Sales team or not, we have a lot of experience in setting up sales processes that will convert your leads into paying customers. From setting up nurturing workflows and content to ease them in, to building out sales pipelines for your staff to be able to view and track sales as they happen. Take that relationship you started in the 'Find' stage and get them to commit with our some of our 'Selling' expertise. 

Could sales be the answer to any of your problems?

It's the answer to these problems that past clients have faced - perhaps it's the answer to yours as well. 
"Our ROI just isn't where it needs to be; we're spending too much for too little gain."
"Our sales staff  don't have any structure to follow - the process is inconsistent."
"We want to grow the business, but we have no idea how to scale up."
"I'd like to be able to track the effectiveness of my sales staff as they work."
"We're being overtaken by our competitors - how do we keep up?"
"We're getting a tonne of leads but they're just not buying - why?"

Want to learn more about sales? We've got the guide to sales ready for your eyeballs. 


Understanding your prospect.

We want to start with the basics; getting clear on how qualified the lead is, if its ready to be sold, what it means to be qualified and what their buying habits are so we can sync our process to theirs. 


Educate and Nurture.

Using dedicated funnels to nurture your hot-off-the-press new customer, we engage with your prospect. Using a series of automations, we're going to send them relevant information that's going to to help them move down the funnel and into the waiting hands of your sales team.


Making Closing Easier.

We're going to map out and create tools to assist your sales team in closing the sale. Whether it's face to face, over the phone or via chat; we ensure the content and technology is right so you can convert more often.


Sales training and staff education.

We help sales teams (and their leaders, of course) get clear on metrics, processes and definitions of qualified leads. We make it easier for teams close more leads through in-depth training and education workshops.


Measure & Improve.

Test and measure to find your treasure... Working together with our partners we monitor progression, give you real time dashboard reporting and notifications to let you know if you are on or off track... We'll also review every quarter so we're on track to build your perfect community!


Where we can help out in Sales

  • Sales pipeline development including Deal staging
  • Data migration, importation & cleaning
  • Integrated VOIP phone call tracking & optimisation
  • Automated contract/document pre fil, sending & tracking
  • Integrations with current payment gateways/systems
  • Reporting dashboard setup and management
  • Sales & marketing funnel analysis
  • Sales documentation creation
  • Meeting automation for sales staff
  • Prospecting support

Neighbourhoods We’ve Grown

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Enable College is a Registered Training Organisation located in South Australia that provides Aged Care, Childcare and Business courses. They originally approached Neighbourhood to assist them with lead generation and for assistance with building their funnel for new student sign-ups.

joebloe | Neighbourhood

joebloe is a men's hair loss company that approached us in early 2017. Helmed by three old school-mates, Neighbourhood was approached to help them grow their business, while also pushing the understanding of men's hair loss. They were passionate about solutions to the customers hair loss problems, and education to help assist men who are a little lighter on top and don't understand why.

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