Sales Automation

"If you do it more than twice, automate it." This is especially true for your sales process, helping you streamline and move your people through the funnel seamlessly.

Sales automation is the process of automating various steps of your sales journey.

Sales automation allows your sales reps to focus less on admin and more on creating those sweet connections with your customers. It importantly ensures that your sales process is super streamlined and uniform, to birth an iterative, deal-closing, (and frankly, drool-worthy) strategy! 

So essentially, automation gives the guys over at sales the chance to impress the big cheese and over-perform, even on days when they aren't feeling too crash-hot. Using our trusty HubSpot CRM software, we can fix you up with a sales automation process that can easily organise, track and nurture your leads and customers. No faff! 

How NBH looks after your Sales Automation


Pipeline Research: We work with you to learn everything there is to know about your processes, your customers and what is required at each stage. Who needs notifications at what stage? Do you need text message integration?


Sales Pipeline Plan: We map out the process in a flowchart that highlights what notifications are sent out at what point. What internal notifications or steps are required and what emails are sent to your leads and customers at each stage?


Sales Pipeline Development: Now is the time to start building out the pipeline by writing the emails, internal & customer notifications and any other information.


Sales Automation: We build out the automation in your platform of choice. We specialise in Hubspot being Australia's number one Platinum Partner Agency but we've got experience in other platforms such as ActiveCampaign


Testing & Training: We triple check we've dotted our Is and crossed our Ts to ensure the pipeline functions as planned. Once finished, we make sure you and your sale team understand how it works and how to use it efficiently so they can focus on closing more deals and less time on admin

Instances Sales Automation could've helped


Losing a deal because you forgot to follow up. 


Overlooking an issue in your sales process for a long time. 


Calling leads in alphabetical order rather than best fit. 


Went back and forth with a prospect deciding on a time to meet.


Wasted time looking through files for specific information. 

Are you looking to streamline your sales process?

If you're looking for a sales automation strategy that's guaranteed to improve your bottom line, then look no further! Neighbourhood have you covered. As seasoned sales automators, we can vouch for the fact that it is  rocket fuel for not only lead generation, but also your overall efficiency, quality, accuracy and consistency. 

Maximising your sales isn't a one-man job. Allow us to lend a hand and help you embrace sales automation so you can better compete with the big boys! 

Does Sales Automation sound like it's ticking the boxes?

Neighbourhoods we’ve grown with Sales & CRM services

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Siera Group


Revenue Generated in First Four Months


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