Sales Bootcamp

Stuck in an inconsistent, time-consuming loop of broken sales processes? This is where Neighbourhoods Sales Bootcamp can lend a hand.

A Sales Bootcamp is designed to streamline your sales process and fine-tune your customer's journey.

It's easy to turn a blind eye to a convoluted sales process that just scrapes by - I mean, it's just keeping you afloat, right? But what happens when it isn't? When the complex process creates inconsistencies in different customer journeys and you're spending mindless hours on duplicate tasks that could be solved by automation?

With some years under Neighbourhoods belt paired by an intuitive HubSpot CRM software, we're pretty stoked to say we've helped people like you streamline their sales process to save but also gain time and money.

What does a Sales Bootcamp look like with NBH?


Planning & Implementation: We'll get a good grasp on your current sales process through a kick-off meeting, working alongside you to discover pain points and quick wins so you can start seeing results immediately


Review & Optimisation: We'll map out how a clear strategy to fine-tune your sales process, discover opportunities for automation and create value at every touchpoint for your customers 


Training & Education: With a thorough sales process alive and kickin', we'll ensure you and your 'hood are covered on how to utilise the tools in place so you're converting and delighting your customers from lead to customer

Benefits of a Sales Bootcamp with NBH


A streamlined, strategised sales plan that attracts and converts


Departmental upskilling - encourage sales and drive revenue


Gain and save time through sales automation across admin tasks


Implement best practice methodology and thinking in your sales team and practices

Is your sales process needing a facelift?

Like the weather, your lead generation tactics should always be changing. In a hyper-competitive space where it's never been easier to get a brand in front of the eyes of many, an innovative edge should always be what sets you apart from the rest. 

Optimising your sales process shouldn't feel like a mission, but more a seamless experience that continually elevates how you engage and convert your people. 

Do you feel like a Sales Bootcamp is your next step in the right direction?

Neighbourhoods we’ve grown with Sales & CRM services

Siera Group


Revenue Generated in First Four Months


Increase in Monthly Deals Created


Form Submissions in First Four Months

Nutra Organics


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Deals


Increase in Average Order Value