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Sales & Marketing Alignment

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Sales & Marketing Alignment is something that every business has to do, it's just a matter of how well you do it. In its purest form, Marketing & Sales Alignment is the agreement between your Marketing and Sales departments about the process a lead goes through to become a customer, how that is tagged and tracked, who's responsibility it is to move them through that process and what constitutes a quality lead. Think of it as an extension of your buyer personas, from the perspective of how they should be interacted with by your business. 


We consider it essential because even a business that has never openly discussed it has some sort of give and take between marketing and sales - there is no way for either to function in a vacuum. If you want their relationship to be effective, efficient and optimised however, you'll need a formal alignment to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 


Case in point, how does a marketing team know which leads are valuable and likely to close without discussing with the sales team. How does a Sales person know that it is there job to follow up on a lead that has passed through the marketing if that hasn't been discussed with the marketing team? Marketing & Sales Alignment gives businesses the opportunity to focus their staff and ensure everyone is moving in the same direction. 

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We've written our fair share of alignment documents - let us help you with yours. We'll cover all the essentials and provide you with a finished document that you can use to train your team. 


M&S Alignments aren't one size fits all. When we assist you in putting together your alignment, we'll consult with your staff to ensure that the alignment is built from your current processes, not inflicted upon them. 


Let us get the team on board by presenting the alignment back to them, along with a workshop to run through everything from how to qualify leads to what the handover should look like.



Lead Qualification - what is the difference between a quality lead that is likely to close, and a waste of time lead? 


What are the stages in our customer lifecycle (from visitor to customer) and how are they marked as such in the CRM?


Handovers - How does Sales know when it's time to make contact with a lead, and what is the process for shifting ownership within your business. 


System tracking - a process is only as good as the ability to track it. We'll ensure your leads are correctly tagged so that you always know where someone is in your process. 

Ensure your team knows what they're doing and how things work from day one by letting us help you set up your Marketing and Sales Alignment. You have one already, but if you haven't set it up for success, then we can certainly help you set it up to work for you. 


If you're interested in getting on board, reach out to us below! We're always keen to talk more about Alignment and how it can benefit the other Lead management processes you may already have. 

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