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Hubspot Onboarding Services

We at NBH customise your HubSpot onboarding process to ensure you delight and retain more of your people with our effective HubSpot onboarding services.

Hubspot Onboarding Services | Neighbourhood

Learning Hubspot can be a daunting task - it's like a Swiss Army Knife that you just keep finding attachments on. We've always found that the people who don't succeed with Hubspot often simply don't understand what they have at their disposal, so we've found a way to remedy that. 


Our 9-workshop Hubspot Onboarding is the nurturing process that will get you super acquainted with Hubspot and how you can use it to grow! We'll cover all the bells and whistles including Contacts, Marketing Hub, Marketing Automation, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Reporting & more - expect to leave knowing Hubspot almost as well as the people who made it.


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Over our years training our clients in the use of Hubspot, we've developed a set program of learning that takes businesses new to Hubspot through everything they need to know to start using the service.


We know that not everyone uses Hubspot the same. Some folks are all in and use Hubspot as CRM, Marketing Software, Sales Software, Support ticketing and more. Others just need a few basic tools. Whatever your buy in, we can tailor the onboarding experience to just teach you what you need to know, saving you time and money. 


Our Onboarding workshops put learning first - as part of the process, you'll be given a workbook where you can follow along and keep notes for the future. We'll also get you to help build examples, and have even been known to issue homework... 



The more you know, the more you can do. We'll teach you everything so you can take Hubspot and run with it!


Avoid having to spend money getting assistance on basic Hubspot fixes and edits - we'll teach you enough to be able to use everything yourself so you don't need to turn to an agency for every little change. 


Discover new ways to use the tools that you had never even considered from our account managers that have spent hundreds of hours learning and working inside of Hubspot. 


Using an agency such as ourselves for your Hubspot Onboarding gets you personalised, detailed training instead of the generic, one-size-fits-all onboarding required by Hubspot. We'll teach you what you need to know, instead of just what Hubspot thinks everyone should know. 


At Neighbourhood, we're here to support you, every step of the way. When you purchase onboarding with HubSpot, we’ll build a customised onboarding plan together that’s designed to help you reach your goals, at lightning speed! 

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