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Project Goals

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is Australia's national platform for digital tourism marketing in Australia storing over 50,000 tourism listings. Eager to optimise internal processes and collate over 20 years worth of data from several platforms into a single platform, ATDW submitted an RFP for an agency to help them build a CRM solution to their data woes. 

Tools Used
HubSpot Miro-PhotoRoom

Their wants


A dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system


Having holistic reporting functionality across their marketing and operations


Marketing software that offered email and promotional abilities to users who wanted to communicate with their customers and leads

Their needs


A CRM that was accessible for multiple stakeholders with important information partitioned and permissioned, featuring seamless reporting functionality to save time from multiple softwares


Recommendations for how to best guide their users in creating successful listings


A system that allowed for the detailed information infrastructure in use internally, including custom objects, properties and associations

Identifying the problem

Looking internally to try and optimise their efforts as an organisation, ATDW established that a systems review and overhaul was needed to make the most out of their internal assets. They began a systems overhaul across multiple projects, actioning major changes in important aspects of their digital infrastructure including a new CRM, significantly improved reporting, revised API functionality, marketing software and more.

Realising the work at hand, ATDW put out an RFP online seeking an agency that was knowledgeable and committed to best practice thinking in executing the planning and implementation of required systems. Neighbourhood managed to be in the 'hood at the right time to offer exactly that solution.

Scope of works

HubSpot Onboarding & Support

HubSpot onboarding

CRM Management & migration

Marketing tool development

Reporting setup

CRO planning

Marketing automation

Sales & CRM

Sales automation



Customer Service & Ticketing

Customer Surveying


Unified Inbox for Support


The Plan

ATDW was wanting to create a powerhouse of a CRM that could relay the right information to the right stakeholders, at the right time.

  • HubSpot portal set up
  • Mapping the data journey through workshops
  • Crafting automations and templates
  • Consistency through marketing tools and automation
  • A mammoth data migration
  • In-depth workshops
  • Holistic reporting

HubSpot portal set up

  • Initially establishing a HubSpot portal setup, Neighbourhood set up essential platform settings, basic technical requirements and integrations such as mail, messaging and analytical services.

Mapping the data journey through workshops

  • With step zero complete, Neighbourhood conducted a workshop with ATDW to define data breakdown and mapping within HubSpot to identify essential information pathways.
  • This featured the development of Properties and Custom Objects and how they would communicate with the ATDW Online Platform (ATDW-O), as well as documenting the API flow between systems - a more difficult than usual task given that the ATDW software prioritised Companies & Listings (a Custom Object in Hubspot) over contacts, with almost no data saved against the individual. 

Crafting automations and templates

  • Crafting HubSpot to automate operations began with email and landing page development for external and internal communications. Neighbourhood's development team worked on creating several branded templates, opening the way to performance reporting and testing, and allowing optimisation opportunities for users.

Consistency through marketing tools and automation

  • As for marketing tools, Neighbourhood developed best practice tools throughout HubSpot; from calls-to-action to form submission landing pages. The goal was to provide a consistently branded experience when engaging with stakeholders, defined by high quality, effective tools and templates.
  • Further consistency was established via preliminary automations for ATDW's new leads, organisations, distributors and listings which included templates for renewal follow-ups, automated data management and initial communications to new listings. 

A mammoth data migration

  • Data migration from the ATDW-O platform to HubSpot meant that the most important data could now be found and accessed on a single platform. This allowed Neighbourhood to implement significant segmentation within the database, allowing ATDW to leverage it for marketing outreach and reporting as needed. 

In-depth workshops

  • Software is only as effective as the people that use it, so the next step was training. Neighbourhood conducted 3 major HubSpot training sessions covering all of the Marketing, Sales and Service tools at ATDW's disposal.
  • This training was attended by representatives from all 9 stakeholder organisations (STOs), and supported with documented physical guides to using HubSpot effectively. 

Holistic reporting

  • Finally, one of the major outcomes that ATDW was excited about thanks to HubSpot was access to intuitive customised reporting. The original process was cumbersome and reliant on multiple softwares - as such the development of easily accessible reporting within Hubspot via partitioned dashboards was a major highlight. 
Miro Data Journey
Automations & Templates
CRM Reporting

The Strategy

With a strong foundation established, paired with ongoing training in the platform, Neighbourhood worked to develop and optimise marketing and sales tools to best connect with ATDW's customers and ease operational processes. 

  • Utilising the CRM to improve support and lead gen
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Strategising content
  • Offering round-the-clock responsiveness
  • Visualisation of impactful data

Utilising the CRM to improve support and lead gen

  • Gradually, efficient utilisation of the CRM meant ATDW had a detailed information infrastructure it could depend on with the automation tool able to send emails, reflect data changes and produce detailed status reports for the STOs.
  • To gain a holistic view on the performance of these tools, as well as to better understand customer sentiments in general, Neighbourhood developed Service Hub's NPS tools and fleshed out the opportunities for use within the new system. 

Conversion optimisation

  • This was also an opportunity to optimise ATDW's conversion rates (or more accurately, the conversions rates of the tourism organisations that were ATDW's customer base).
  • Conversion optimisation tests were introduced within scheduled periods alongside Google Optimize to compile results and offer recommendations for areas of improvement.
  • This was supported long-term by the development of a guide for Operators moving forwards, detailing Neighbourhood's recommendations for best-in-class CRO. 

Strategising content

  • Next, Neighbourhood strategised content for STOs to attract and convert new operators and distributors, taking the form of an eBook providing internal guidance for marketing and content development. 


Offering round-the-clock responsiveness

  • Managing this audience came through the creation of chatflows to provide round-the-clock responsiveness on ATDW's online platform, improving CRO for listing signups and easing the load on the staff required to assess listing quality and validity.
  • To further improve ATDW's customer experience, Neighbourhood implemented support ticketing tools and unified inboxes, giving staff the ability to develop their new #AskATDW initiative - a support channel for the explicit use of their user base. 

Visualisation of impactful data

  • The reporting was the other major driver of system utilisation. Through the development of a significant amount of reporting, Neighbourhood was able to display unexpected and unplanned value through the visualisation of never before seen data.
  • This experience allowed for significantly quicker data cleaning and optimisation, replacing the need for API-driven reporting, and provided immediate value to ATDW, and their stakeholders. 
Operator Guide

The Results


Detailed and Customised Data Reports for the STO's


Estimated Admin time Saved in the Management of Daily Processes


Support Conversations Conducted via Service Tools

ATDW required a new and intuitive series of processes collated within a single CRM, making the work Neighbourhood conducted a starting line for future reporting and conversion capabilities. The positive effects from the project a myriad, but to highlight a few...

What originally required several software solutions containing over 20 years of data was now integrated into a single platform. Backed by significant API integrations to their data warehouse, an estimated 10% of internal admin time was saved when conducting necessary administrative tasks such as generating reports, reviewing user data or onboarding new distributors.

As part of the reporting sub-project, a total of 246 new reports were created to help STOs holistically track and identify optimisation opportunities for Visitors, Operators and Distributors effortlessly. The ability to cross reference objects through the flexible reporting tools was especially useful, providing dimensions on the data that had previously been hugely complex. 

The AskATDW initiative was also a major internal program, with the tools built by Neighbourhood being used to assist in 1500 individual support sessions, leading to a huge boost in Customer experience and positive sentiment. 

Beyond data tracking, key stakeholders now have access to communication tools with over 20 email and landing page templates at their disposal, allowing them to interact with their audience more consistently and efficiently than ever before.

The Impact

"As the CEO of ATDW, I can unreservedly say that working with NBH has been a game changer for our business. They’re uber smart, refreshingly honest, sincerely committed, highly skilled - and most of all they’re a delight to work with."

Jan Hutton


Being one of the largest projects Neighbourhood has tackled, we're just a little proud of what we could do alongside ATDW. Looking to continue evolving with HubSpot, ATDW is striving for strong content growth to optimise acquisition processes, retention and automation. Utilising the platform for CRO, their next steps are to educate their customer base and provide operators with competitive advantages for how to best use their profiles within HubSpot. With previously scattered data now amalgamated within a single platform, ATDW now has the foundation to support key stakeholders to their optimum.

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