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Project Location
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Project Goals

The Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) continues to be the largest fitness training organisation in Australia with courses developed and delivered by industry experts across the country.  No strangers to Neighbourhood... as one project door closed, another opened with the goal of utilising the HubSpot CMS as the vehicle to drive AIF's subscription site, 'Network'. The goal was for a full digital transformation that reflected the value of Network - optimised for inbound growth while creating a growth-driven program for customers.

Tools Used
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Their wants


A solution that encompassed instructional design that delivered intuitive content and reporting functionality


Personalisation through dynamic content at each stage of the users journey offering a memorable UX


Automation that was personalised for the end-user whilst offering efficiency in internal operational processes


Build an inbound, optimised website that attracted and converted

Their needs


A synchronised HubSpot ecosystem to alleviate the need for developers through API integration, HubDB and workflows.


Automating engaging, dynamic copy that targeted individual buyer personas without the need for sure human interaction


A CMS migration that clearly demonstrates Fitness Networks premium subscription offering


Develop design and functionality, while implementing custom features to help the brand differentiate itself and convert more subscriptions

Identifying the problem

A frequent Neighbour in the 'hood, Jess from AIF knew the Network website was their most important salesperson, essential for communicating their brand identity and values. The old website lacked an intuitive UX strategy which didn't reflect the quality of educational content that lived in Network. The lack of educational content or means to nurture site visitors meant that the website was bottle-necking the rest of the sales team from the first customer touchpoint. 

A poor UI not only impacted the end-user but made the ability to optimise the site extremely difficult. Over 50 courses meant more than 50 single pages - some courses requiring several. The inability to mass-edit and collate all courses into one page made the Network website difficult to navigate, as well as manage.

Scope of works

HubSpot Onboarding & Support

HubSpot CMS set-up/onboarding

HubDB development

Websites & Integrations

Integration of Zapier and HubSpot 

Integration of Matrix LMS and HubSpot 

Integration of Chargebee and HubSpot

The Plan

  • Step 0: Website Audit
  • Utilising dynamic content in HubSpot CMS
  • Developing and trialling engaging offerings
  • Saving time and resources with API x HubDB

Step 0: Website Audit

  • With pre-existing knowledge of AIF from past projects, Neighbourhood launched straight into understanding their Network WordPress website through a brand and website audit.
  • It was clear a comprehensive web strategy, design and development was required to optimise Network's current website at scale. 
  • With HubSpot already being successfully utilised under AIF, Jess knew what opportunities lied ahead for Fitness Network. 

Utilising dynamic content in HubSpot CMS

  • Rather than migrate, we began developing the inbound-focused website from scratch on the HubSpot CMS.
  • This was mapped out using Miro to look at how the website catered to the user journey to identify opportunities in nurturing customers through the funnel.
  • UX strategy was a priority with dynamic content being the drawing point for leads and current members - certain content would appear depending on membership levels and whether users were signed in or not (e.g. Welcome Jess!).
  • Through the HubSpot CMS, we identified subscribed Contacts to create bespoke content for the member, acting as the foundation for a user-friendly site that offered end-to-end value. 

Developing and trialling engaging offerings

  • Much the same as the old site, the content equally stunted conversion opportunities. So, Neighbourhood began developing engaging creative content that would be used at every touchpoint such as emails, landing pages and ad campaigns.
  • A variety of these developed content offerings were trialled with cold audiences to decide which would be used in the broader go-to-market play.
  • Examples of dynamic content tested, included:
    - A toggle on membership options that changed payment layouts as well as CTA's (e.g. pricing is $0 as part of membership bundle vs. premium courses with a small discount listed)
    - Utilising Contact information via SMART content when members are logged in.

Saving time and resources with API x HubDB

  • To reduce the stress of making minute changes 50+ times across single pages, HubDB was implemented with an API to manage all pages on one interface without the need for human intervention.
  • HubDB allowed for personalised journeys while offering efficiency for page adaptions as multiple stakeholders can now edit. 
Fitness Network Miro
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The Strategy

  • HubDB x Chargebee integration
  • Strategising dynamic content with HubDB x Chargebee
  • Transitioning into Matrix LMS

HubDB x Chargebee integration

  • With an efficient, single page HubDB UI set-up, HubDB could offer a marketplace where dynamic content within CTA's was easily interchangeable for different product offerings.
  • Chargebee was a forward-thinking integration that syncs hourly to bring successful, newly purchased subscriptions into HubSpot, then creates the membership account within the CRM. 
  • With support from HubSpot automation and workflows, a welcome email is sent to the user who can now sign in, whilst offering Google and Facebook SSO.

Strategising dynamic content with HubDB x Chargebee

  • With 5-10 new courses on offer each month, Fitness Network can easily add to their marketplace with dynamic CTA's.
  • We tested dynamic offers such as, "Free X day trial" vs. "$1 for 60 days" and pulled the Chargebee HTML code against its product catalogue in the integration, then inserted this into a dynamic CTA.


Transitioning into Matrix LMS

  • An updated UX involved a change in LMS, shifting from MoodleLMS to Matrix LMS.
  • With support from Zapier, the LMS is integrated within the website - depending on your membership within the LMS, users will be added to specific lists to be shown dynamic content.

The Results


Hours Required to Manage Subscription Systems & Logic


Time Reduced Cross-departmentally

A previously impersonal website now created a personalised UX through a variety of third-party integrations to harbour Network's educational content.

Implementing HubDB with Matrix LMS proved to be a success with content for back and front-end users now living on a single interface, overall saving cross-departmental time by 70% when looking to set up new courses and make dynamic content changes.

The synergy between the API integrations, HubDB and Chargebee now meant 0 hours are required to manage subscription systems and logic. The impact HubDB has on Network is huge - complex coding that doesn't compromise user accessibility. With an intimidatingly large amount of dynamic scripts developed for buyer personas, these integrations backed by automation made sure the right content was delivered to the right user at the right time, all on a sleek UI offering exceptional UX.

The Impact

"We engaged Neighbourhood for their expertise concerning HubSpot Sales & Marketing optimisation. The team are a wealth of knowledge, energy and pure optimisers. If there is a quicker, better way to do something in HubSpot, I am confident they know-how. They are providing our Sales and Marketing teams with more intelligence and we are looking forward to rolling out more projects with them and seeing the results."

Jessica Bryant
Australian Institute of Fitness


Neighbourhood are fortunate to work with clients like AIF who are forward-thinking and are always looking to push the parameters of best serving and growing their customer base through the power of HubSpot. This project continually developed to become bigger after every engagement with Jess and the team and the result is a clean, user-friendly website that attracts, engages and delights at every touchpoint.

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