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CRM Implementation

Need a hand with your CRM implementation? We can help you analyse customer interactions, track leads and streamline processes with CRM implementation services.

CRM Implementation Services in Australia | Neighbourhood

If you believe that a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is simply contact management, think again! The HubSpot CRM truly has something for everyone, spanning sales, marketing, customer service, operations and business owners - and the best part? It's completely free! 


A CRM is an essential tool to any business, allowing you to store and access all the information you need to make smart and informed decisions while providing great service. If you'd like a full and accurate record of a prospects history with your business, improved communication between Leads and Salespeople or just to simplify your management processes - you're in the right place. 


Marketing & Growth



The team at Neighbourhood lives and breathes Hubspot, but they've worked with their fair share of alternative softwares as well. If you need assistance with migrating into Hubspot, or want to continue using your current system, but know you could be using it better, we can help. 


Been a bit casual about your data integrity over the years? You're not alone. Whether it's 15 different fields where one would suffice, or 30 different spellings of Australia, we can help you ensure your data is clean and useful. 


One of the most important uses for a CRM is reporting on it. Knowing who's who in the zoo and being able to pull segmented data as needed. We can help set your CRM up so that these reports are easily run and consistent; even pushing into other reporting software if needed. 



Better knowledge of your people through knowing personal info and critical business facts.


Better segmentation by grouping customers and prospects into target audiences. 


Keeps your existing customers happy with reminders or nurturing emails. 


Faster communication through setting customisable, ready-to-use email templates, letters, documents, proposals, quotes, invitations, newsletters, etc. 

Customers are so much more than a sales opportunity - you could have an absolutely bomb product offer, but if you don't nurture or treat your customers right, you sure won't sell a thing! 


Here at Neighbourhood, building good relationships with our customers is our number one priority - and once you start using a killer CRM like we are, it will be yours too! 

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Need a hand with your CRM implementation?