So, you’re using PPC campaigns and its working alright, but you aren’t seeing the results you wanted? Many advertisers eventually discover, paid traffic pointed to generic web pages (like your websites homepage) don’t convert like they should. This is usually because visitors can’t find what they specifically searched for on the generic page and typically bounce quicker. Hardly ideal for your lead conversions. If this is a problem for you, let me introduce you to the magic of landing pages, your new marketing best friend!


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Why Use Landing Pages for Google Ads? 

Landing pages are arguably the most important element to PPC, helping guide users from your ad to a page focusing on one campaign goal or objective. While linking to your website may be fine, the beauty of paid advertising on Google Ads or Bing Ads, is you can choose where to direct your visitors and lead them to exactly what they're looking for. Linking your PPC ad to a generic page rather than a specific landing page is like making someone take on an entire 600 page book rather than a specific page to find what they need.  A bit of a bummer and a huge waste of time.  

If visitors can click through from your ad to a highly relevant landing page and are met with information that will not only blow their socks off but reinforce the promise of the ad, you will have a much smoother path to conversion - so smooth in fact, that it will convert your prospect 65% better than a website page! Such smashing results from such a small change means PPC landings pages are no doubt crucial to lead generation. 


PPC Landing Page Benefits

Ensuring each of your PPC ads has a specific and personalised landing page will help you:

  • Achieve a higher AdWords Quality Score (in turn boosting your Ad Rank and your Search Impression Share, getting your ads served up more often)
  • Lower your cost-per-click
  • Lower your cost-per-acquisition, and
  • Increase conversions on the offers you run!

So now that we understand why we've got to have landing pages, let's get down and dirty into building landing pages and what to remember during this process. 


Building Landing Pages

Landing pages are a small segment in the grand scheme of things, but there are lots of moving parts you need to juggle. Some of those moving parts are more important than others, so if they get lost in the building process, you can lose out on valuable conversions. To ensure you've covered all aspects, for your landing page to be sleek, optimised lead-generating machines, we've created a list of things to double check.

1. Create a headline using actionable, value-driven vocab.

Just like any other headline you create - use action orientated language that gets your customers moving! We want to entice people to click and flow through the process, as your title communicated to them the value of clicking now rather than later.

2. ub-header that describes the benefit of the offer clearly.

Your sub-header is simply an extension of your headline. It's there to be spicy enough to entice but still give a taste for what people will get by filling out the form. Ensure that this section also includes keywords which will be relevant for those searching for your content.

3. Write body copy that's scannable, scrollable, and compelling for all platforms.

This text should not be essential, like the instructions and content info on a bottle of shampoo - the information is there should they require it. The headline and sub-header should explain what the offer is about.  This text should be formatted, easy to scan and read and informative.

4. Optimise every aspect from the page title to the URL.

Like in all aspects of dealing with search engines, you must ensure your content is optimised for the platform. This means that the page title, URL, and meta description all have keywords in them to make sure people click on your listing. 

5. Images; show what you're offering and optimise your image's alt-text.

People want to see what they're getting in return for their personal details. So show them. If people will get an ebook on SEO, your image should be a high quality visual representation of that ebook on SEO. Remember though that sometimes Google does not think your image is right for the search, so to be safe - add relevant alt-text to your images. 

6. Customise your  lead-capture form.

For a large number of lower quality leads, make your form brief. For a lower number of higher quality leads make a more extensive form. As well as length, personalisation is key. To do this, we use  progressive profiling, this'll show new form fields to returning visitors. Refilling forms can be a lil' annoying, so ensure your returning customers have a smooth visit each time. 

7. Maximise Your Landing Page Through Its Format.

Ensure the layout supports your information. Unfortunately, a good headline and sub-heading won't be effective if the font is too small, making it unreadable. Similarly, if your landing page is not compatible with mobiles, the chance that customers will complete the form is highly unlikely. Your marketing software should already have this backed in, but it's always smart to double check that it's working before you hit publish.

8. Ensure the Smart Content is Top-Notch.

Ever received an email before that said "Hi [FIRST NAME]," ?, Yeah me too. Embarrassing but ultimately the fault of poorly set-up smart content. Errors like these are easily done and just as easily removed. So, if you're willing to go the extra mile to personalise your landing page with smart tokens, make sure the "default" ones are customised and logical in the place they're used. 

9. Make Sure the Entire Conversion Process is Functional.

Inbound marketing is all about humanising the process, so ensure just like a phone call or face-to-face conversation, end each submission with a thank you after submission and a kickback email to nurture and follow up with each user after they've downloaded your resource. 

And there you have it, the benefits of PPC landing pages and 9 things to look out for when generating your landing pages. Keep in mind that this checklist is a jumping-off point, but hopefully it has given you a good starting place to kick your Adwords Campaign and Landing Pages back into shape!