Saying 'Thank you!' is one of the first niceties we're taught. Well, most of us polite folks, anyways. It's also a critical part of your interaction with customers, you wouldn't miss out on the chance to thank a customer who visited your business in person, so you shouldn't miss it online, either! Your customers have taken the time and energy to fill out your forms and join your mailing list. They deserve a thanks straight from you, and more importantly a 'thanks' in the form of optimised landing pages, not merely an afterthought tacked onto what you consider a more important message. If you want to develop a successful inbound marketing strategy, then it's time to consider getting all polite up in here. 


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The Benefits of a Thank You Page

A Thank You page offers a number of key benefits to your customers--and therefore to your business. If you've been making do with a message, consider the obvious reasons why a dedicated Thank You page can lead to way better engagement with your customers;

  • Your Thank You page encourages your customers to continue interacting with your website. It moves them off of the landing page and on to something else--ideally something that will encourage them to keep engaging with your business. They may have already made their purchase, but they're still in the store. Give them the opportunity to show them some other cool stuff!
  • You can use it to sell stuff, directing customers who have just signed up for your list to make a purchase or explore more information about your business.
  • You can offer your users great content straight from the Thank You page--especially if you have the chance to offer them content that enriches their experience or answers the question that led them to sign up for your list in the first place.
  • It shows customers that you appreciate their decision to connect with you. People love to be thanked for stuff, even if they're not entirely sure why their being thanked. Show people that you value their engagement with your brand, and they'll remember it.
  • You're able to take advantage of the momentum you've already built with your customers, rather than letting them simply leave your website after they sign up. They're in the mood, use it!

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Constructing Your Thank You Page

A great Thank You page doesn't have to be complicated. To maximise your Thank You page, make sure you're taking full advantage of this opportunity to offer your customers as much as possible while keeping it simple. You're still doing this for your customers benefit, not your own, so don't go drowning them in unnecessary and unwanted offers. 

Speaking of offers, give them the offer they requested. If you invited customers to sign up for your mailing list in exchange for content, make sure you're giving it to them! Don't make people search for something you've promised them, that's going to turn opinions real quick. Point them directly at what they want and let them have it.

Confirm what they've signed up for. This is particularly important if you have more than one offer or list on your website. It also offers customers the reassurance that they've signed up in the right place- memory retention in the digital age is... lacking. Remind people why they're on this specific page.

Offer related content. If you have other content on your website that relates to their initial search, provide them with links to that information too. You know they're interested in it, giving them more is a quick and easy way to build some trust.

Ask customers to share their decision to sign up with you. If they're really happy with what you're giving them, they may want to share it around. Let them! Sharing is caring! Throw some social sharing links on there to help them out.

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Find out more about your users. If your form was created correctly, then you traded your content for just the essential info from your customer. Asking for more risks losing their business and asking for less means you don't have enough to effectively segment. Improve your odds by asking for a few more juicy details on the Thank You page. Not everyone will answer it, but they don't have to- it's just a bonus for you if they liked what they saw and have built up a positive perception of your brand.

Your Thank You page is one opportunity that you shouldn't pass up on your website. An in-line thanks simply doesn't pack the same punch, nor does it offer as many opportunities. Getting a customer onside can be as simple as saying 'Cheers!', so get on it!

Thank You for your time  😉