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Project Goals

Apollo SDA is an organisation that develops and manages Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) across multiple locations Australia-wide. When they first came to us, they were facing the challenges of managing a diverse portfolio of properties, dwellings, rooms, NDIS suppliers, and tenants using a cumbersome Google Sheet. This manual approach led to data inaccuracies, communication gaps, and inefficiencies in tenant management. As Apollo SDA was rapidly expanding, swift action was necessary to prevent the data management process from becoming overwhelming to handle. That is when Neighbourhood's support came into play. 

Tools Used
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Their wants


A single source of truth for property and tenant management data.


Improved visibility of property vacancies and tenant movements.


Implementation of a structured Sales Management process.


Simplified data visualisation and insight-driven reporting. 

Their needs


Development of multiple Custom Objects to manage relationships between properties, dwellings, rooms, NDIS suppliers, and tenants.


Automation and integration to facilitate seamless data flow and ensure elimination of manual entry errors.


Sales pipeline workshops to optimise lead management and enhance conversion tracking. 


Streamlined HubSpot Sales Hub Onboarding focusing on critical operational areas. 


Customised reporting dashboards for real-time insights into property performance, vacancies, sales metrics and marketing effectiveness.

Identifying the problem

Apollo SDA faced significant challenges in managing its extensive portfolio of properties, dwellings, applications and tenant interactions. Using manual processes and a decentralised data system, their operations were burdened by inefficiencies and at risk of human error. The reliance on a large Google Sheet to track all relevant data made it easy to accidentally clear or misplace information resulting in inconsistencies and data scattered over multiple sheets. This fragmentation made it difficult for the Apollo SDA team to access real-time data and hindered their ability to make informed decisions quickly. Finally, the lack of an effective method for storing and managing internal notes and records about client interactions created further complications such as missed follow-ups and reliance on memory or offline reminders. Consequently, tenant satisfaction was at risk due to these inefficiencies.  

Scope of works

HubSpot Onboarding and Support
  • Lead Apollo SDA's onboarding onto HubSpot Sales Hub.
  • Facilitate a seamless migration from the existing Google Sheet system to HubSpot. 
  • Comprehensive training sessions with the Apollo SDA team. 
  • Provided ongoing support to address post-project issues and continued to optimise the system.
Development of Custom Objects and Properties
  • Creation of custom objects.
  • Defined and integrated custom properties within each custom object to capture important information.
  • Automation to ensure accurate data transfer between custom objects.
Implementation of a Tailored Sales Process
  • Workshops with Apollo SDA to understand their sales process and unique requirements. 
  • A customised sales pipeline in HubSpot for streamlined lead management and conversion tracking.
  • Implementation of automated follow-up reminders and alerts to ensure timely communication with customers.

The Plan

  • Custom Objects Development and Implementation
  • Automation and Integration
  • Sales Workshops and Process Development
  • HubSpot Onboarding and Reporting
  • Reporting Dashboards

Custom Objects Development and Implementation

  • First, a workshop with the Apollo SDA team was conducted to ensure all requirements were understood. This step was crucial – whilst one custom object adds a layer of complexity to a Hubspot account, four custom objects can become confusing very quickly if the correct processes and automation are not built into the account from day dot. 
  • After rigorous planning and mapping, we created four custom objects in HubSpot including properties, dwellings, bedrooms and tenants.
  • We also created multiple key custom properties to enhance the data granularity reporting capabilities and accuracy.

Automation and Integration

  • After the foundations of the Custom Objects and relevant properties were set up we automated data transfer and synchronisation between custom objects to ensure seamless information flow and eliminate manual errors. 
  • The automation was completed across all data points to maintain data integrity and operational efficiency.

Sales Workshops and Process Development

  • With all the technical puzzle pieces falling into place, we conducted workshops with the Apollo SDA team to refine and implement a structured Sales Pipeline within HubSpot. 
  • Through collaboration and planning, we optimised their lead management processes in conjunction with the new custom object and enhanced conversion tracking capabilities.

HubSpot Onboarding and Reporting

  • To get Apollo SDA into HubSpot, we streamlined their HubSpot Onboarding to prioritise critical operational areas and user adoption. 
  • During the onboarding phase, one added layer of complexity was figuring out how we would import four custom objects whilst also ensuring they were associated correctly with other custom objects and contacts, companies and deals.

Reporting Dashboards

  • We created customised reporting dashboards within HubSpot to provide real-time insights into property performance, vacancies, sales metrics and marketing effectiveness. 
  • This empowered Apollo SDA with actionable data for informed decision-making and strategic planning. 

The Strategy

  • Using Custom Objects and Automation to Streamline Data Collection
  • Creating Automation for Enhanced Customer Management

Using Custom Objects and Automation to Streamline Data Collection

  • The strategy for Apollo SDA involved leveraging HubSpot's custom objects and automation capabilities to manage their complex data structure effectively.
  • Given the extensive portfolio of properties and tenants, we recognised that a single custom object would not suffice; therefore, we implemented four distinct custom objects to represent properties, dwellings, bedrooms and tenants.
  • We meticulously mapped out the relationships between these objects before beginning the implementation, ensuring that data would flow seamlessly between them.
  • Automation workflows were created to facilitate data transfer and synchronisation between custom objects, ensuring that any updates were reflected across all related records.

Creating Automation for Enhanced Customer Management

  • Recognising the need for efficient customer management, we developed a series of automation workflows within HubSpot.
  • These workflows were designed to manage tenant interactions, property movements, and communication processes systematically. By automating these processes, we eliminated the reliance on manual updates and ensured that important tasks and follow-ups were not overlooked.
  • To address the challenge of maintaining consistent communication with tenants, we implemented automated alerts and reminders. These notifications were set up to prompt staff at critical times, such as when a follow-up was due or when there was a lack of communication with a lead.
  • This proactive approach helped Apollo SDA maintain strong relationships with their tenants and ensure high levels of satisfaction.

The Results





The implementation of the new lead processes and custom objects resulted in a significant increase in operational efficiency for Apollo SDA. Manual data handling processes were drastically reduced, improving accuracy in tenant management and property operations.

By establishing a centralised source of truth for property and tenant data, the team gained enhanced visibility and transparency which facilitated better operational oversight. The new system also empowered Apollo SDA to make data-driven decisions swiftly, thanks to real-time insights and automated alerts.

This proactive management approach significantly improved tenant satisfaction and overall business performance, positioning Apollo SDA for continued growth and success in the specialist disability accommodation sector.

The Impact

Neighbourhood was recommend to me from a good friend of mine who also had a terrific experience with Geordie and the team. I think it couldn't have gone better. I was really impressed at the start with the extent that Geordie and the team took to understand our organisation and what our problems were and then how to solve them in the context of a HubSpot Onboarding... The tools and the way Geordie trained our team meant that from launch date we had a team that was confident in being able to use HubSpot. 

Justin Goddard
Apollo SDA


The collaboration between Apollo SDA and Neighbourhood resulted in a transformative shift towards streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and improved tenant satisfaction. By leveraging HubSpot Sales Hub's capabilities and implementing customised solutions, Apollo SDA is now well-positioned to achieve continued growth and operational excellence in the specialist disability accommodation sector.

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