Building an Automated Job Creation Machine. 

Sarina Russo Institute is a Registered Training Organisation that offers industry-focused education and training. As part of our partnership, we ran lead generation campaigns, developed sales automation and set up lead nurturing.


Their wants.

A fully automated sales pipeline that would take care of basic communications and save them time each week.

A 3 month lead generation campaign.


Extensive lead nurturing to increase conversion rates.

Their needs.

Chatbot & Facebook messenger integration

Sarina Russo Institute is a Registered Training Organisation educating over 10,000 Australian and International students each year in vocational education and English language courses.  Acknowledging that their conversion rate was suffering, and with COVID-19 imminently threatening to affect the livelihood of not just theirs, but companies all over the globe, SRI recognised that time was of the essence in setting up a marketing, sales and service strategy that would see them not just survive, but thrive at a time when the industry of 'learning' was considered insignificant. 


Scope of works. 


  • Tailored advertising strategy 
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Cold leads campaign
  • Landing page creation
  • Lead nurturing 



  • Sales pipeline development & automation
  • Automated Communications
  • Personalised chatbot strategy 


  • Customer service was not a part of this project 

The Plan


For quarter-long projects spanning across all aspects of digital strategy, we always begin by dividing the project into logical stages, often so that what has been achieved / implemented in the preliminary stage will support that of the following. This enables us to consistently demonstrate value to the client; and in the ambiguous and volatile economic state in May of 2020, seeing these wins early on was high priority. 

In doing so, the stages manifested into a true find, sell, keep strategy - allowing us to do what we do best; generate leads with effective marketing and advertising, qualify and covert those leads with a fully automated sales pipeline, and nurture customers into becoming promoters to keep the flywheel spinning! By way of supporting our efforts down the line, we conducted a truncated version of our usual Hubspot onboarding process, to ensure that by the time the motors were running and the system was set up internally, the team would feel empowered to work inside it. 

The Strategy


In kicking off the project, we began by conducting three fast-tracked versions of our Hubspot onboarding workshops, to get the team set up in the system, without having to needlessly explain the elements of Hubspot that the team were already familiar with. As part of this, we began by setting up a basic sales pipeline and some foundational frameworks to allow for the project to hit the ground running once automations began. 

In supporting SRI find their people, we utilised our expertise in Adwords and Facebook Ads to set up a tailored advertising strategy that would inspire change among their target audience. As previous advertising efforts merely constituted CandleFox campaigns, we did not have access to any historical data that would help inform the Paid advertising strategy. With the absence of this context, time needed to be invested into the strategy, design and content of the ads before setting them live, to do our due diligence in making sure they would perform a la market competitors. With the looming economic crisis threatening shut down, we knew that we couldn't delay results, while we set up the strategy for the ads.

To that end, we addressed this period of potential stagnation, by running a cold leads campaign for 1,000 old leads in the CRM. This sought to convert the lowest hanging fruit that we didn't have to work to find! In making the most of a bad situation, we capitalised on the growing need for essential workers as the COVID-19 crisis took hold, subsequently positioning these emails to urge leads to make a change, not only to their career prospects, but to the wellbeing of society collectively. 

As the emails sparked conversion, we got to work on finessing the final element of our ads campaign; the landing page. We knew that the conversion power of the landing page would spell success or failure for the entire campaign, and therefore - needed to mirror the expert set up and copywriting of the ad. In doing this, we utilised best practice design by incorporating many psychological elements to ensure the landing page would not distract prospects away from the offer, and provide a clear path to conversion. With this set up in best policy fashion, we could then use it as a template for all future campaigns, to ensure that efficacy did not wane. 

After employing the best tactics we had available to us as part of our marketing arsenal, we needed to turn our attention to the sales strategy - as without a systemised sales process, our efforts in generating leads would have been redundant. 

In supporting SRI sell to their people, we moved into the following month seeking to extend on the work we had completed initially in the sale pipeline; only this time, we needed to optimise it through implementing automated sequencing and follow-up. By constructing this in our wire-framing software, Whimsical, we were able to visually map the students journey with SRI, and as a result, populate the various stages with the necessary actions needed to be taken by the sales team in order to close the deal more effectively. 

Whimsical Strategy

In providing a secondary opportunity for prospects to convert, we supported the newly automated sales pipeline with a chatbot / live chat strategy, that sought to answer visitors questions when and where they had them. In doing this, we personalised a 'qualify leads' chatbot according to the content on key web page to add a humanistic element to the bot and encourage greater likelihood of conversion. This form of chatbot collects lead information before handing off the conversation to a service rep in real time. This therefore meant that a support rep needn't have been online to be able to solve a prospects query, making the entire process more seamless from top to toe. 

Working alongside the SRI team, we set up a comprehensive lead nurturing strategy that would keep fresh leads engaged as they moved through their decision - making process. This sequence worked alongside the recipients perceived behaviour or thought process at the time of receiving the email. Essentially, we used the emails to answer specific questions that might have been presenting as barriers to purchase from the leads perspective. 

Whimsical Strategy


The Results


Throughout this project, we worked hard with the team at SRI to set them up for not only short term success, but also long term results. 

A big part of our focus was on the lead generation strategy in which we were able to surpass our goal by over 45%. That's an extra 95 leads than anticipated across the 3 months.

The automation implemented as part of the sales pipeline means that Sarina Russo Institute are no longer spending time manually sending and replying to emails. In addition to this, the student's journey has been better categorised to ensure that it is one that is as seamless as possible. This has meant less time is required when it comes to working with each new student, with automation filling in the gaps and keeping things moving. 

All in all, not only has Sarina Russo Institute gained an exponential amount of leads, their processes have been optimised and reporting has been organised, which in turn has set them up for future success moving forward. 


Andrew Pennisi
"Finding tech consultancies FOR your marketing solutions is easy. Finding marketing solutions FROM your tech consultancies is not. These guys are MarTech experts that execute on your complete customer journey. Wouldn’t have it any other way nowadays."


The best thing about starting from scratch, is that there's only one way to go and that's up. We were able to set the foundations for SRI to keep improving their practises, keep generating leads and keep succeeding despite any external challenges (or global pandemics) that might get thrown at them. As Sarina says... "See you at the top!". 


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