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HubSpot Automation
Project Location
Project Goals

Youspired helps people share their knowledge & capitalise on their craft by providing a live video-based platform. We helped streamline their coach application process and automate their pipelines.

Tools Used
HubSpot Typeform v2

Their wants


Increased leads for the sales team to work on in preparation for the upcoming intake.


Conversion optimisation to increase the quality of the leads coming in and shortening the time-to-close.

Their needs


Thorough updates to old and tired processes to enable scalability and structure the entire process from lead to student.


Full sales optimisation to ensure there is a well-oiled machine through which to nurture new leads.


A mindful Inbound marketing strategy that would generate well-educated and sales-ready leads.

Identifying the problem

Youspired is a video platform where opinion leaders (called coaches) from many different interests, share their life lessons and world-class insights to help people grow, prosper and become more successful in a positive, profound and permanent way.The idea is that subscribers get a "backstage pass" into these coaches' lives, delivered through live and on-demand videos.

At their inception, Youspired founded the idea of a 'coach journey' to help stream-line the sign-up process and guide coaches to use the Youspired platform effectively. However, a la start-ups, the Youspired gang weren't yet equipped with the tools or software to build an automated sign up process like this. That's where we stepped in! 

Scope of works

Sales & CRM

Sales pipeline development

Automated communications

Learning management system


HubSpot Onboarding & Support

HubSpot integrations with Typeform & Zoom


Customer Service & Ticketing

Ticketing automation


The Plan

  • HubSpot set up and development
  • Reviewing the coaches journey map

HubSpot set up and development

  • This project focused heavily on the set up of HubSpot and the development of automation within the system.
  • Youspired required the full suite of HubSpot Marketing, Sales and Service Hub to connect with their coaches, as well as a comprehensive training program to streamline the application process. 

Reviewing the coaches journey map

  • The coaches journey map was already pre-planned by the Youspired team, which provided us a foundational system to continuously optimise on as the project progressed.
  • As an agile agency, this empowered the team to pivot often to solve problems with creative solutions backed up by learned insights. 
Youspired LMS

The Strategy

  • Service and ticketing pipeline automation
  • Creating a Learning Management System
  • Transformational integrations
  • Typeform x HubSpot in play

Service and ticketing pipeline automation

  • Divided into two stages, the first stage focused on getting Youspired set up in HubSpot with service and ticketing pipeline automation. Youspired had already developed an extensive Knowledge Base in Service Hub; coupled with our expertise in setting up automated service chatbots, we could ensure that coaches requesting support were prioritised, and the relevant team member was on hand to deal with the request.
  • With coaches being at the very core of their business model, we knew how imperative it would be to get this process working like a well-oiled machine. 

Creating a Learning Management System

  • The second stage focused on the coaches' journey that had been mapped and developed by Youspired, in order to assist in the vetting and onboarding of potential coaches.
  • With the journey initially taking the form of an in-depth pipeline in HubSpot, we worked to develop and expand on this journey by creating a Learning Management System (LMS) to teach potential coaches how to use the Youspired platform.
  • We researched potential options, and landed on HubLMS, the ideal platform - as it integrated seamlessly with HubSpot landing pages, allowing us to utilise them at each stage of the coaches journey. 
  • The LMS therefore, served dual purpose; it was ultimately designed to work alongside the coach approval process in that it acted as somewhat of a training academy - but also, it ensured that each coach shared the Youspired 'DNA'.
  • In further strengthening the coaches' journey pipeline, Typeform and SMS integrations were utilised as an additional element of rigidity. 

Transformational integrations

  • A major part of this project focused on integrating platforms so that we could take advantage of existing assets and ensure smooth functionality. In envisioning their application process, Youspired were looking for a process that would not be headache-inducing, for the coaches as well as the Youspired team.
  • There needed to be a level of automation to ensure each applicant was guided through the process seamlessly, and without the need for Youspired personnel to hold their hand along the way. To ensure this, we set up automated follow-up emails to push coaches' to conversion if they hadn't progressed to the next stage of their application within an allocated time.
  • Similarly, we wanted to make sure the external Typeforms worked with Hubspot harmoniously. We were able to achieve an integration that sends relevant information from Typeform submissions to HubSpot, and personalised emails allowing coaches to jump back into the application process where they left off. 


Typeform x HubSpot in play

  • Using Typeform's hidden fields function, and HubSpot's personalisation tokens, we were able to create a dynamic link that would vary depending who had received the email and allow them to jump back into the form. Using the hidden fields function in Typeform, we can pass the email pulled from the contact card within HubSpot using the line in the link below "email=".

    Here is an example of the URL:
  • This subsequently resulted in an even easier onboarding experience for the coaches and greatly reduced admin time for Youspired. 


The Results


Hours Saved Per Coach


Fully Integrated Forms with Automatic Follow-Ups


Automated Emails & SMS

The system that we assisted in developing allows the Youspired team to handle large numbers of coach applications without the need for individual follow up or unnecessary/presumptuous contact. 

The automation and dynamic link gives the coaches the ability to pick up where they left off in the application process. 

The newly developed LMS system now empowers the Youspired team to continually adapt and update the training as they see fit, without the need for a developer or external assistance. 

Overall, the system allows Youspired to focus on servicing the people who represent the lifeblood of their company and give them time back in their day to focus on what's really essential - inspiring potential leading thinkers, trainers and creators.

"NBH provided an outstanding service to the Youspired team that enabled us to quickly get operational and begin to scale. Their assistance and ability to problem solve and create solutions through systems has been highly valuable. The team at NBH are great and they are always a phone call away. Thank you NBH, highly recommended!"

Tim Innes


It's been a fun ride watching the Youspired team grow in such a short amount of time since we've been involved. As they're a startup, they're always learning and looking to improve their processes to have the best possible end product which is why they recently utilised additional support hours to help optimise the pipeline. We're sure that Youspired is a name that you can expect to hear big things from in the future so watch this space!
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Revenue Generated in First Four Months


Increase in Monthly Deals Created


Form Submissions in First Four Months

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Revenue Generated in First Four Months


Increase in Monthly Deals Created


Form Submissions in First Four Months