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The Icehouse
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Project Goals

The Icehouse are business growth experts for SME businesses, who accelerate the development of owners and leaders across a breadth of industries in New Zealand. Offering progressive programmes, workshops and one-to-one advisory services, Icehouse were requiring a CX-centric process that grew leads and connected hopeful business owners with the perfect coach.

Tools Used
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Their wants


An easy-to-use and well-designed coach qualifying form that had CX front of mind


A double-sided tool that drove leads and helped prospective clients

Their needs


An easily adjustable tool for new coaches to be added to Icehouse's website without requiring a developer

Identifying the problem

A vital portion of The Icehouse website is dependent on connecting people to guarantee mutual long-term success - from client to customer. With no streamlined journey for prospective clients to connect with a coach, Icehouse realised there was a gap in offering a seamless CX. Customers were having to speak with Icehouse directly to uncover a solution for them rather than having information and booking opportunities readily available. Icehouse was requiring a custom-developed tool that was both a lead generator and a channel for their customers to find a coach suited for their business needs.

Scope of works

HubSpot Onboarding & Support

HubDB custom development

The Plan

  • Designing an intuitive Coach profile
  • Mapping out the lead generation tool

Designing an intuitive Coach profile

  • Customers needed to gain a holistic view of a Coach's profile to ensure their business needs were met with the right professional experience.
  • These Coach profiles were designed to offer a journey of information that was digestible, in order of importance whilst being on-brand. Profiles were designed to offer information in the order of:
    - Business specialties (e.g. Finance, Governance, People Development)
    - Industry experience
    - Country experience
    - Annual revenue of companies the coach can make the most impact in

Mapping out the lead generation tool

  • This progressive lead generation tool asks a series of qualifying questions for prospective Icehouse customers. These same questions help 'filter' appropriate coaches for clients based on answers.
  • Beyond helping the tool's end-user, the results of whom the best coaches were based on the industry could be utilised by The Icehouse's Sales team. When engaging directly with leads, the Sales team could offer suggestions based on real data, rather than having to assume or do extensive research on Coaches - Coaches being a variable that consistently changes.
  • Question examples include:
    - Area of business requiring assistance
    - Pain points
    - Preference for working arrangement
    - Number of full-time employees
IceHouse Profile
Icehouse Coach Finder

The Strategy

  • Greater flexibility with HubDB pages
  • Managing coach availability smarter
  • Showcasing The Icehouse Coaches

Greater flexibility with HubDB pages

  • Aiming to minimise manual labour as much as possible, a HubDB table was created to store Coach details such as name, experience, specialities and preferred size of business. The Icehouse imports these answers previously given through a form by Coaches into HubDB rows.
  • Rather than having to duplicate and edit individual landing pages, HubDB allowed us to automatically generate dynamic pages once a new row was created. These dynamic pages acted as Coach profile pages for leads to view.
  • Once Coaches leave or join The Icehouse roster, they're easily managed through HubDB rows rather than individual pages. 

Managing coach availability smarter

  • A check-box was included for the 'Show Data' option in HubDB's backend - meaning if checked, then it displays the Coaches profile. If a Coach is on leave for a period of time, this option allows Icehouse to simply 'hide' the profile from customers rather than deleting the data and starting the process again.
  • To filter coach data in the listing page, Neighbourhood utilised the isotopes filter. When a customer is on the Coach suggestion page, filters were created to allow leads to easily navigate recommendations based on requirements. An example is a filter for coaches that prefer to work solely online vs. in-person, giving leads a smoother UX when weighing up options.

Showcasing The Icehouse Coaches

  • Blogs were uploaded and integrated into HubDB rows to show previously documented work by individual Coaches on their profile pages.
  • Neighbourhood created slots in a HubDB row to include 2 unique blog IDs. These blogs would then appear on a Coaches page for leads to gain a deeper insight into their experience.
HubDB Blog | The Icehouse

The Results


Generated Revenue (4 months)


Avg. Revenue per Form Submission


Increase in Retention Rate

The integration of a CX-centric tool has been a success for The Icehouse - both for customers and back-end users.

Helping deliver an intuitive UX, the tool not only simplified discovering a suitable Coach but did so in a way that drove customers to the perfect solution - doing so raised customer retention rate by 31%. 

The application of HubDB reduced data management and design headaches for Icehouse. Though, the result that highlighted the true efficacy of the solution was revenue generated from the tool. Within 4 months, The Icehouse drew in $112k in revenue with the average for a single form submission being $1,815.

The Impact

"We’re on to project number 2. Things have gone really well and really smooth. Geordie, Trav and the rest of the team are all talking the same language. Communication has been really easy and everything has been managed really well, including the outcome."

Trent Slater
The Icehouse


Developing an innovative lead generation tool that assisted The Icehouse's back-end users while delivering a long-term, accurate solution for their clients was as rewarding for them, as it was for us. A positive relationship that has continued into other projects, Neighbourhood and The Icehouse continue to work on innovative projects to further develop their CX.

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Revenue Generated in First Four Months


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Revenue Generated in First Four Months


Increase in Monthly Deals Created


Form Submissions in First Four Months