Sales Automation with TruePride.

True Pride is a personal insurance firm that provides personalised advice on insurance in a uniquely human, personable way. We helped them automate their sales process to grow more efficiently.


Their wants.

A fully automated sales pipeline that would take care of basic communications and save them time each week.
Hubspot support and recommendations for optimisations and efficiencies.
Development of digital documents that could be automatically filled with data from the CRM, as opposed to being filled out manually every time.

Their needs.

Efficiencies throughout the entirety of the sales process, from communication to data-management. 
To ensure that the personable, human-centric approach that True Pride so effectively used was maintained through their automations.

True Pride is a personal insurance firm that provides personalised advice on insurance in a uniquely human, personable way. Originally finding us through the Hubspot Agency Partner Directory, they reached out to us to see if we could help to automate their sales process and save them valuable time.


True Pride had a solid understanding of what was holding them back and the sort of support they would need from a marketing partner - they were being bottle-necked by significant admin time during their sales process. What they needed was a leaner process that used automation to take care of time-consuming tasks so that man hours could be better spent communicating with their clients. We recognised the risk of losing the human touch with automating much of the sales process, so we prioritised tone of voice and avoiding any robotic messaging. 

Scope of works. 


  • Marketing was not a part of this project


  • Pipeline Review and Optimisation
  • Deal Automation
  • Automated Communications
  • Personalised Document Setup
  • Integration between document software and Hubspot


  • Implementation of post-purchase nurturing
  • Development and integration of an NPS

The Plan


There were two main projects from the outset of our partnership - development and optimisation of the sales pipeline, and production and integration of pre-filled documents using data stored on the CRM. 

Updating the sales pipeline meant reviewing each of the stages that had been defined up until now, and getting to the heart of what each represented and the goals for movement between the stages. We spent considerable time going through each step of the process, working out what information had to be pushed where and where we wanted our leads and opportunities to be by the end of each stage. Once that had been defined, we built out the pipeline in Hubspot, including a series of stage-based workflows to automate data management, communications and staff tasks throughout. This process also included developing the automated emails that were being sent through the pipeline, ensuring that they never came across as impersonal or automated. 


The Strategy


The other major focus was the development of important documents in PandaDocs, making use of their integration with Hubspot to auto-fill data from the CRM. True Pride were looking to put a process in place that allowed them to automatically generate documents that normally took days of effort to fill out manually. Doing so meant creating a form to input data into the CRM, and several connected PandaDocs Documents that pulled from the same CRM. This was a considerable task, as one document in particular contained over 400 individual personalisation tokens linked to data fields in the CRM. Additionally, it was important to True Pride that these documents maintained the strong branding and visual style that they utilised in all their written communications. 

Once we had the sales pipeline firing and the documents connected up, the next most important task was helping to ensure that the customers we were generating were being given the tools they needed to be able to share their positive experiences. We set about organising post-purchase nurturing for closed deals that asked for feedback from clients, and prompted those responded positively to leave reviews on Social Media and Testimonials for the site. This also gave the team at True Pride the opportunity to respond quickly and honestly to anyone that had a less than perfect experience. 

The Results


Across the board, our changes and optimisations have resulted in considerable time saved for staff, and a smoother, more consistent experience for True Pride customers.

The automation implemented as part of the sales process means that True Pride are no longer relying on emails sent manually as required, as well as better categorising the steps of the sales process. This has meant less time is specifically required when it comes to working with each client, with automation filling in the gaps and keeping things moving. 

All in all, True Pride has gained time back in their day from the automatic generation of detailed documents and automated communications, increasing their capacity for new work and better protecting against scaling in the future. 

Craig Bigelow True Pride


Craig Bigelow
"From the moment I messaged Trav as he was out of the office at a mates wedding yet still helped me on the spot, my experience with the NBH team has been unreal. I have been tinkering around in this space personally like a mad scientist for the past few years and having a team of people (especially Dom) that not only don't make me feel like a weirdo with all the ideas but more importantly digest these crazy ideas and implement them into my business has been a game-changer. We are only at the start of the journey, and whilst initially daunting, the only thing I regret is not having found these guys sooner. Thanks legends!"


We're extremely proud of the work we've achieved with True Pride - they're an excellent reminder that some small changes behind the scenes can lead to big impacts in the future. The strong foundation of our first project with True Pride has paved the path for our next project, which is the design and development of a new website focused on conversion optimisation and lead generation.

Watch this space for what comes next! 

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