Adding a lil on the top

Lil Off The Top is the brainchild of Jules Tognini, Australia’s Male Hairdresser of the Year, 2013, 2014 & 2015. It’s a collective of hairdressing professionals, a mobile training program and hair care resource all rolled into one. Neighbourhood recently developed the suite of brand collateral for their hairdressing education collective.

What they wanted


A brand spanking new brand


A website to educate and sell Lil off the top products

What they needed


A brand that reflects Jules' personality and communicates his hair training services


An e-commerce website that can help Lil off the top grow sales in product and training sessions.


Just like the creator himself, Lil’ Off The Top had to be fun and hip as hell. A boring brand wasn't going to cut it, so we built a brand that used Jules’ personal style to create an off-the-cuff, hand-drawn aesthetic – mimicking the style notes and drawings we might usually receive from Jules in briefs.


Scope of works

Find. Sell. Keep.

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

  • Marketing Collateral Design
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Assets (51)

You're Invited.

Lil’ Off The Top would be hard pressed to cater to salons all across Australia if it was only a one-man band. So the headhunt was on to find the finest talent in all different areas of hair to act as brand ambassadors and educators. From colour to cutting to business management – LOTT needed those with the best expertise. In order to attract the best, the brand needed to stand out.

Neighbourhood bespoke packs for each hairdresser that directly spoke to their strengths, let them know why being a part of the LOTT fam was mutually beneficial and invited them to join the team.


Showing Off.

It’s all well and good to have a cool collective of cutters available for professional training – but people have to know about it. We developed a website featuring profiles and articles by the team with the ability for salon managers
and professionals to book classes online with their chosen instructor.

On top of this, Neighbourhood worked alongside the LOTT crew to develop press releases (in the LOTT style, of course) and get them into the hands of key trade publication editors.


Hairdressing in 1080p

The whole point of Lil' off the Top is to teach, and since we couldn't show people in person all around the country, we did the next best thing. Utilising YouTube, Neighbourhood set up Jules' channel as a teaching tool, filming and developing informative content to help hairdressers nail the top styles. 

All of the video content was filmed and edited to be just as on brand with Jules as any of the other digital content. These videos were shared socially and made up a major part of the teaching process on the website, eventually becoming watched by hundreds of thousands of professional (and a great many amateur) hairdressers around the world. 



YouTube Subscribers
Video Views on Youtube
Frothers trained by the Crew

How we did.

Lil' off the top saw major traction after launch, and continues to be a major resource for beginner (and not-so-beginner) hairdressers to this day.

The brand drew in over 120 successful students over the first 6 months, as well as 9 professional, affiliate hairdressers to act as their teachers. 

Online, the video content was a hit, encouraging almost 9000 subscriptions to Jules' channel, and over 1.8m views across all of the videos. 

In 2019, Jules was named Hair Expo's Educator of the Year for his work with Lil' off the Top. 


Jules Tognini
"The dudes at Neighbourhood are rad, they helped me develop our training platform, website, online store and making us look f*cking unreal at the same time. big love to them all, thanks guys x"


Lil' off the Top has continued to be a powerhouse in the hairdressing industry as it helps to teach new generations of hairdressers everything they need to know. Neighbourhood has continued to aid not only in this growth, but in further business ventures with Jules, such as joebloe


Communities we’ve grown

We were approached by Lucy, the owner of a female clothing brand, LJC Designs. Lucy tailors each and every order in the heart of Bali. Growing from a love of Bali and linen, Lucy started making small batch clothing for her friends. People started to take notice and she realised this could be something more than just for friends. 5 years later she came knocking on our door asking for a little help. 

joebloe is a men's hair loss company that approached us in early 2017. Helmed by three old school-mates, Neighbourhood was approached to help them grow their business, while also pushing the understanding of men's hair loss. They were passionate about solutions to the customers hair loss problems, and education to help assist men who are a little lighter on top and don't understand why.

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