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Melbourne, Australia
Project Goals

Tribeca Financial are a group of certified financial planners based out of Melbourne, Australia. With the resolute mantra "My Good Life", Tribeca are committed and purpose-built to help their clients create a life of financial security and happiness, now and in the future. Already working with Neighbourhood as part of their Google Adwords ventures, they came to us to increase their CRM visibility, and in turn bolster the capability of their team of financial advisors. 

Tools Used
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Their wants


Internal visibility on new leads entering the system and their progression through the sales process


To help their team work more effectively on the tasks that would produce the biggest impact for the business, in less time and with less manual input


Structure and consistency in their sales process to provide continuity amongst all teams

Their needs


A fully automated deal pipeline to give their advisors structure in the sales process and save them time while not losing their trademark personal touch


A CRM that allows them to report at the click of a button and not require manual searching through Excel sheets


Automated follow-ups & reminders to ensure clients are kept abreast of deal progression

Identifying the problem

As a pre-existing Adwords client, Tribeca Financial came to realise that while they were seeing increases in enquiries as a result of our advertising efforts, they were being bottlenecked by internal processes which were prohibiting them from viewing the progress of leads entering the system, and the client journey thereafter. 

As Tribeca were switching between two different platforms to manage their customer information (Ontraport for Marketing and Excel for prospecting) they expressed concern that the marketing team were not able to track their budget against attributed revenue, and likewise, the sales team had neither referable data to justify their KPIs nor visibility as to how leads were progressing through the system. 

Time taken in manually aligning all this data was time not being spent in satisfying their clients. We therefore prioritised a full overhaul of Tribeca's sales process, migrating all their customer data from Ontraport and Excel into HubSpot, defining a clear sales pipeline and creating a seamless and contextual automated lead nurturing sequence to deliver the right message at the right time. 

Tribeca's uptake of HubSpot Sales and Marketing Pro gave us a rapid means to ensure continuity across all teams, getting all sales and marketing team members working in a single, centralised platform. 

Scope of works

Websites & Integrations

Migration of all customer data from Excel and Ontraport into the HubSpot CRM

Sales & CRM

Pipeline review and optimisation

Deal automation

Automated communications

Customer Service & Ticketing

Implementation of nurturing

The Plan

  • Knowledge migration
  • Developing a clear pathway for leads
  • Detailed sales workshops
  • Reconstructing the sales pipeline
  • Building the plan within HubSpot

Knowledge migration

  • In kicking off the project, we migrated all Tribeca's current customer data into the HubSpot CRM, and at the same time conducted onboarding and training workshops with the full team to get them skilled up and proficient in the workings of the HubSpot platform.


Developing a clear pathway for leads

  • To make sure the data would be workable from Tribeca's own reporting and KPI standpoint, we established rules and properties for new leads entering the system to ensure that all contacts would have clear and actionable data associated with them. 

Detailed sales workshops

  • With migration complete, we moved on to conduct multiple sales pipeline workshops with the core Tribeca team including the CEO, as a means to get a detailed understanding of the existing sales process. Each of the stages in use until now, however vaguely worded, was broken down to determine exactly what it represented to each of the teams, and what the goals were for movement between stages. 

Reconstructing the sales pipeline

  • We then spent considerable time inside our wire-framing software, Whimsical, reconstructing this pipeline, drawing out each step of the process to give a visual representation of the required data flows: which communications needed to be sent at each stage, and which information needed to be pushed where to support Tribeca's internal processes.

Building the plan within HubSpot

  • Once the pipeline had been reviewed and agreed upon, we then built this out inside HubSpot. The resultant series of stage-based workflows automated the data management, communications and staff tasks throughout, assisting Tribeca to meet their compliance requirements and greatly reducing the burden of non-productive, manual input. 
Tribeca Sales Pipeline

The Strategy

  • Establishing thorough lead nurturing sequences
  • Guidance through the consideration station
  • Humanising automation with smart content

Establishing thorough lead nurturing sequences

  • With the new and improved sales pipeline commissioned, and significant admin time already reduced on the CRM front, we took the strategy a step further by implementing thorough lead nurturing sequences.
  • Coupled with automated tasking and internal notification set up, our goal was to ensure that the Tribeca sales team were better able to focus on crafting exceptional customer experiences, without needing to concern themselves with follow-up to pull prospects to a decision sooner. 

Guidance through the consideration station

  • Utilising the un-enrolment workflow function, we were able to make great use of much of the content that Tribeca already had live on their website in order to send timely and helpful emails to prospects, and help them scratch that 'consideration stage' itch.

Humanising automation with smart content

  • To this end, we utilised smart content to ensure not only that all emails were sent from the specific advisor the recipient had been liaising with, but also that those messages matched the sender's tone of voice and personality.

The Results


Reporting Hours Saved Per Month for Advisors


Reporting Hours Saved Per Month for Marketing Team


Improved Conversion Rate

The project optimisations we implemented with Tribeca resulted in considerable time saved for staff and a personalised and seamless client journey from start to finish. 

Without the need for manual communications or multi-channel cross-over,  advisors can focus their time on building relationships with clients, while automation takes care of the rest - maintaining consistency and keeping up momentum. 

Bringing Tribeca's sales and marketing teams into a single, centralised tool has empowered change throughout the organisation. The ability to produce meaningful reports at the touch of a button has provided the visibility needed to track team performance, and by putting in excess of a full day every month back into team members' calendars, this has delivered a boost not only to company's bottom line, but also in the day-to-day working lives of the sales and marketing teams. 

The Impact

"We've worked with Neighbourhood for 12 months on different projects, the most recent being implementation of HubSpot as our business sales & marketing CRM. There's some complexity in financial services (the sales process doesn't run in a straight line, it's more like a zig zag). The team helped bring the features and benefits come to life, then learnt a great deal about our industry, our business, our team and sales and marketing processes. Big shout out to Geordie for leading the implementation across 4 months. We consider him part of our team. If you're considering Neighbourhood and HubSpot for your business, DO IT."

Lisa Bond
Tribeca Financial


We couldn't be more chuffed with the work we managed to achieve with Tribeca ... it goes to show that sometimes even the most complex of problems need only a simple solution. Through simplifying and optimising their processes, it wasn't only the working lives of the folks at Tribeca that were improved - but ours too! With new processes at the ready - there are big things on the horizon for Tribeca, and we're stoked to be coming along for the ride. 

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