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Nurturing Sales Enabling Automation with Nutra Organics

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Nutra Organics
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Project Location
Brisbane, Australia
Project Goals

From humble beginnings as a garage passion project , Nutra Organics has evolved into one of the leading health and wellness companies in Australia - creating high-performance skincare & nutritional products to provide deep nourishment, support optimum wellbeing and give customers results that they can see and feel. Realising the potential of non-nonsense nutrition, we collaborated with Nutra to build a sales and reporting process that reflected the quality of their products - allowing them to sell more, easier.

Tools Used
HubSpot Shopify Logo Associ8 databox

Their wants


HubSpot support and best-practice recommendations for efficiencies and optimisations


To help their team work more effectively on the tasks that would produce the biggest impact for the business, in less time and with less manual input

Their needs


A clearly defined sales process within HubSpot to provide consistently supportive experiences for the Nutra Organics team and the end-user


Holistic reporting that is simple to use, analyse and display

Identifying the problem

Smashing their sales goals year on year in excess of 50%, there was no question that Nutra was growing like there's no tomorrow. But as their orders grew, so too did the inefficiency of their process. Recognising this, Brad Hooker, certified chiller (and CRO) from Nutra Organics reached out to Neighbourhood - on the lookout for someone to assist them in better defining the stages of their sales process to support their wholesale, eCommerce and distributor team.

Airing his frustrations with Trav, Brad explained that they were operating under an unclear sales process, affecting the consistency of interactions, confidence when dealing with clients and ultimately; their bottom line. He also said that when they were dealing with a B2B client, their Shopify Integration was associating new Deals created in Shopify to contacts in HubSpot - when they needed the deal to associate with a HubSpot Company to allow reps to get a full picture of historical purchases and interactions. Alongside their convoluted sales processes, reporting had become a mundane and excessive manual task cross-departmentally. Resources were already spread thin as they rapidly scaled, they didn’t have the capacity to be continuing to report daily in Excel.

After conducting a full HubSpot audit, we could corroborate Brad’s frustrations by the unsuccessful usage of Automation, Sales and Contacts combined. Understanding their gaps, Neighbourhood set out to nourish Nutra’s processes with a Sales Bootcamp.

Scope of works

Sales & CRM

A fine-tuned sales process

Integrating the sales pipeline within HubSpot

Sales automation through HubSpot workflows

HubSpot training & support

Websites & Intergrations

Integration of Databox and HubSpot for data management & reporting

The Plan

  • Sales exploration
  • Strategising the sales process
  • Educating clients through Marketing Hub
  • HubSpot x Databox integration
  • Understanding Nutra Organics Shopify integration

Sales exploration

  • With the help of Nutra's sales reps, Neighbourhood explored the customer journey in several sales pipeline workshops to identify gaps in customer service and reporting.
  • These workshops sought to uncover how HubSpot could simplify the sales process, reduce admin time on locating deals and automate data representation to give reps more time to nurture leads.

Strategising the sales process

  • Neighbourhood constructed a clear sales process backed by automation that supported Nutra's team - wholesaler to distributer -  with the use of follow-ups (frequency and time between) and who approves customers as clients to on-sell Nutra products, offering a consistent customer journey and firm process for Nutra to follow.

Educating clients through Marketing Hub

  • An educated customer is a returning customer: an email 'Welcome Series' nurturing sequence was created explaining in-depth how to order and product suggestions, adding another touch-point as part of the sales rep follow-up.

HubSpot x Databox integration

  • Streamlining operations with automation, Neighbourhood set up a HubSpot x Databox integration to automate reporting and connect the 20+ platforms Nutra were spending days pulling reports from, offering it all in one interface.
  • To solidify learning, a workshop was carried out to guide them to create clean, granular reports effortlessly saving time.

Understanding Nutra Organics Shopify integration

  • As we pieced the sales journey together, we discovered that Shopify integration is counterintuitively built through a B2C lens, rather than a B2B. Great for consumer brands, not so great for the wholesale team.
  • Seeing as they focus on working directly with businesses to distribute products, Neighbourhood began researching solutions for Shopify's HubSpot integration to work for them, rather than against.

The Strategy

  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Associ8 x HubSpot integration

Upsell and cross-sell opportunities

  • A well-oiled sales machine allowed Nutra to invest more resources into nourishing their most valued clients.
  • Based on the wholesalers' industry (e.g. gym, health-food store), Neighbourhood developed automation that determined secondary and tertiary product recommendations. (Example: 'Beauty Spa' has purchased Collagen Balm - recommend purchasing Collagen Mist)
  • Based on a client’s deal history, HubSpot now intuitively informs reps of upsell and cross-sell opportunities on their next sales call, automating opportunities sales reps can leverage.

Upsell and cross-sell opportunities

  • In Nutra’s experience - little to no contact from a client wasn't always a lost deal, but rather an opportunity for later.
  • A back-burner stage was built into the sales pipeline which prompted a Nutra representative to revisit and follow-up with the deal after 90 days.
  • Marketing Hub was utilised to develop a Win Back series that was designed to nurture Inactive Companies via email (e.g. "You haven't ordered in a while...") whilst pushing task reminders for sales reps to touch base across a 6-month period.
  • This automation extended into reinforcing an established re-order cadence meaning if an order was missed, a rep would be notified to offer support in completing an order.
  • This automation allowed reps to focus on nurturing Active clients and generating new business.

Associ8 x HubSpot integration

  • Neighbourhood needed a workaround to associate deals (that are only natively associated with contacts in HubSpot) with their related company.
  • Using the Associ8 platform, we created workflows that copied over the company name of a new deal from a contact property to a deal property!
  • If the property is known, Associ8 is triggered to try and match the customer property with the Company within HubSpot.
  • Overcoming the association restrictions means that this process is better aligned to Nurta's process, and they can continue to work with 'companies' in Hubspot rather than single contacts.

The Results


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Deals


Increase in Average Order Value

Once a convoluted process; our partnership with Nutra created much-needed clarity. Our sales-enabling automations provided reps with better visibility on deals and newfound consistency that improved the experience for all stakeholders - all contributing to an 11.9% increase in revenue and a 4.6% rise in average order value.

Alongside this, our win-back nurturing sequence for lost clients built inside Marketing hub formed an added crutch that gave our sales strategies a backup leg to stand on - attributing to an increase in the overall deal count by 7.3%.

The Impact


Neighbourhood are excited to see Nutra's sales process deliver results as solid as their products. Support cross-departmentally from consistent internal operations has nurtured leads more efficiently and continues to support Nutra as a leading health and wellbeing brand.

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