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Project Goals

We were approached by Lucy, the owner of a female clothing brand, LJC Designs. Lucy tailors each and every order in the heart of Bali. Growing from a love of Bali and linen, Lucy started making small batch clothing for her friends. People started to take notice and she realised this could be something more than just for friends. 5 years later she came knocking on our door asking for a little help. 

Tools Used
Shopify Miro-PhotoRoom

Their wants


A new simple brand that reflects the lifestyle and clothing of Lucy


Increased cart size and spend per purchase


Development of a new Shopify website that is easy to use and scalable

Their needs


A brand that is consistent across all communications channels to bring trust to the brand and in turn, more sales


Offer opportunities to increase cart size with incentives, wish lists automated offers


Create an easy to use, scalable e-commerce website bringing brand and sales together

Identifying the problem

Working closing with Lucy we wanted to ensure that the brand was consistent across all channels while executing an online sales strategy as part of the design of the new website to ensure that the growth targets could be achieved including cart size and spend per customer.  

Scope of works

Marketing & Growth

Logo development

Art direction development

Style guide

New catalogue template development

Websites & Integrations

Custom Shopify development

Shopify wholesale set-up

Mailchimp intergration

The Plan

  • Brand development
  • UX/UI development
  • Shopify development

Brand development

  • We believe that consistency is key when talking about a brand. Consistency in branding builds trust and trust brings higher conversation rates on e-commerce websites. We looked at all touchpoints of communication with future, past and current customers and created a brand that was on point at every step.
  • From email marketing, website UI, post purchase communications and wholesale look books, LJC now has a brand that looks premium, consistent and is more in line with the target demographic which has since lead to a 91% increase in revenue in the first 6 months!

UX/UI development

  • Don't get us wrong, the look of a website definitely comes into play but we wanted to ensure that the website served as a sales tool and offer opportunities for browsers to add to their cart and purchase at every step.
  • After researching female e-commerce stores, we found the common trend of online shoppers was to add numerous items to their cart along the way, once they are ready to purchase they remove unwanted pieces to bring it back down to within their budget. Coupling this with a new wish list feature and opportunities to up-sell, we have seen an increase in order size by 6% across the board. 

Shopify development

  • We created UI designs for mobile and desktop making sure that it was just as easy to use on mobile as it was on desktop. Today the website sees a total increase from mobile sales of 40% month on month which we believe is a major contributing factor to the revenue increase for LJC. 

The Strategy

  • Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation

  • One key takeaway from our research that we noted was people that often visit fashion e-commerce stores want to see the product up close, they want to know detail about the product, shipping times and sizings.
  • With a lot of information to cover, we reviewed the products pages and made sure that all product images had a zoom option, to give consumers views from all angles.
  • We needed to deliver a lot of information on the product in a really small area, so the use of accordions were needed so it kept the look clean but it gave the option to expand on more info if needed. 

The Results


Revenue Growth
(Yeah, you read that right!)


Increased Conversion
(Within 6 months)


Average Order Value Increase

Long time friends of LJC, we have seen this amazing brand grow and grow over the years. We've been lucky enough to work alongside Lucy and help her brand grow.

The day we launched the new website, LJC saw a 300% increase in revenue through their Black Friday sale! We noticed that over 60% of the traffic on the old website was from mobile traffic, so when designing and building the new site we had mobile usability at the forefront. Within six months of the new website launching, LJC has seen growth of 91%, a 45% increase in conversion rates and the average order increase by 6%.

We're stoked that more people get to try LJC's products and it's even better to see good friends grow and become successful! Go Lucy! 

"Neighbourhood helped to completely re-brand LJC DESIGNS. They were energetic and enthusiastic about creating an engaging brand package that we have been able to fully implement. They built us a brand new website with heaps of new functions that have been essential in increasing our cart click through rate and overall sales. I would highly recommend Trav and his creative team for anyone looking for a re-fresh!"

Lucy Ferraro
LJC Designs


We're completely stoked that we were able to help LJC grow their e-commerce business. Together with a strong brand, consistency across all customer touch points and a conversion focused design to their Shopify website, LJC have seen significant growth over the past 6 months and there is no sign of slowing down! Congrats to the Lucy and the team at LJC!

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