Growing a Hair Growth Business

Website Development
Project Location
Brisbane, Australia
Project Goals

joebloe is a men's hair loss company that approached Neighbourhood to help out with their start up. Helmed by three old school-mates, Neighbourhood was approached to help them grow their business, while also pushing the understanding of men's hair loss. They were passionate about solutions to the customer's hair loss problems, and education to help assist men who are a little lighter on top and don't understand why.

Tools Used
HubSpot Shopify databox Bold

Their wants


Help in increasing Sales, predominantly through the development of an e-commerce website


Help in setting up a HubSpot instance to manage all marketing and sales communications moving forwards.

Their needs


Nurturing sequences that encouraged their leads to learn


A knowledge centre that could teach people about hair loss as well as provide treatment options, located on their website

Identifying the problem

We pretty quickly realised that joebloe was in need of a little more than just a website and some marketing software. Their company was especially interested in developing a relationship with their customers, as their product was subscription-based and therefore part of a much longer sales cycle than most. They also prided themselves on their easy-going and casual communication with their customers, something that we thought we could definitely help encourage.

What we recommended to joebloe was that not only should their website exist as an online store, but also become a knowledge centre for all things hair loss. We could build on this theme of education with nurturing tracks in their marketing as well, sending customers information and knowledge about hair loss so that they saw value from the brand beyond just their products and kept coming back. On top of this, we encouraged extensive post-sale communication with members, encouraging the development of a support system that was never more than a couple of minutes away.

Scope of works

Marketing & Growth
Paid search/PPC/social ads

Lead generation

Branding & design 

Content generation

Campaign management
Sales & CRM
Sales pipeline development and management

Lead nurturing automations

Integration with Shopify, Bold and more
Websites & Integrations
Website design & development

ChatBot implementation

Slack chat integration

Post-sale nurturing sequences

The Plan

  • Connecting and growing with customers
  • Seamless integrations that engage
  • Developing and managing an impactful campaign

Connecting and growing with customers

  • On of the big hurdles with building a community for joebloe was that many people are either embarrassed about their hair loss, in denial about it or have no idea it's happening until its too late. We needed to turn joebloe into an authority on all things hair loss, and build some trust.

Seamless integrations that engage

  • We built a great shopify website that had a tonne of ecommerce functionality, and that integrated directly with their Hubspot marketing suite. On top of this, we gave it a stacked knowledge base full of articles and information all about hair loss.

Developing and managing an impactful campaign

  • We then developed social media campaigns across multiple channels that were geared towards lead generation and purchases, driving many people to sign up and enter our system.

  • To manage those leads, we put together a robust system that ensured that new leads received all the information they needed to make educated decisions about our products. We set up automations to manage those leads and help them learn.

The Strategy

  • Long term onboarding
  • Confident control in the sales process
  • Maintaining lasting relationships

Long term onboarding

  • Once we had leads purchasing and becoming customers, we built out processes encouraged them to be a part of the community by sharing photos. Long term onboarding and nurturing sequences ensured that the joebloe brand remained relevant and vocal long after purchase.


Confident control in the sales process

  • In the background, we made sure that the staff at joebloe had total control over the sales process with extensive pipeline development that tracker customers from their first interaction onwards.
  • Integration with Shopify allowed us to manage pricing and get real time numbers in HubSpot without any manual effort.

Maintaining lasting relationships

  • In order to ensure the relationships that joebloe built with their customers were maintained, we established multiple communication channels were built out so joebloes could always be heard.
  • Chatflows ensured that talking to a real person was as easy as a visit to the website, while bots allowed people to find relevant information quickly and without needing an employee to respond in person.
  • Through integrations with Slack, we were able to set up a system for the joebloe staff that allowed them to respond to queries, questions, concerns or complaints within seconds, ensuring that they were able to keep up their stellar customer management.

The Results


MoM Traffic Growth


MoM Increase in Leads


MoM Customer Growth

Thanks to our efforts, joebloe’s first few months on the market were a huge success. Social campaigns saw the development of a considerable pool of leads, while the site and connected e-commerce tracking all functioned exactly as hoped. These initial actions were soon followed by the implementation of our nurture strategies which have operated since, minimising the drop-off rate and maintaining the interest of our customers.

The effectiveness of the structures we’ve put in place meant that we also got the opportunity to work on some physical media for joebloe - an information booklet, packaging and more. 

"Neighbourhood have been with our startup joebloe from the very beginning till now. Advising from initial branding and marketing, through to the product going to market and now selling worldwide. Looking after branding, marketing, HubSpot integration and website consultation and development they are a true one spot shop. Look forward to our continued relationship and thank you helping us grow"
Kristian Tognini


What appealed to joebloe the most about the work we put into their brand was that we comprehensively approached each stage of their buyer’s journeys. Instead of focusing on specific tasks and little wins, we assessed the entire flow and optimised the whole thing at once. This has lead to a continuing relationship with the brand that continues to flourish to today, including plans to handle the development and release of an upcoming sibling brand.

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