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Driving Leads to BMW

Lead Generation
Project Location
Gold Coast, Australia
Project Goals

BMW is one of the world’s most iconic automobile brands, celebrated for unparalleled German craftsmanship that is world renowned for quality and luxury. With a strong authoritative voice within the market, Neighbourhood aim to not only raise conversions but to place these brands top-of-mind when consumers are on the hunt for a new ride.

Tools Used
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Their wants


Help with increasing traffic to their website


Help capturing and qualifying leads as a result of the traffic 

Their needs


A digital marketing plan that focused on increasing the quality of visitors to the website resulting in more qualified leads


A lead capturing strategy to ensure they could properly capture interested visitors information

Identifying the problem

BMW approached Neighbourhood to attract more traffic and new leads to two of their dealership sites, one on the Gold Coast, the other being their Motorline dealership. Using social advertising and targeted offers was crucial to increasing leads for this upmarket car dealership. We analysed past customer data and the company’s persona information to create lookalike audiences and psychographic targeting strategies, which saw a large uplift in leads and the quality of those leads.

Scope of works

Marketing & Growth

Inbound marketing



Websites & Integrations

Landing page development

SEO & Paid Media

Google Ads management

Facebook Ads management

Remarketing (Google Ads & Facebook)

The Plan

  • Understanding their audience

Understanding their audience

  • We spent some time analysing past customer data and the company's buyer persona information to understand who their audience was and what traits make them more likely to purchase.
  • We really needed to understand what makes their current customers tick and what to look for before we could attract new ones. Attracting visitors looks great in reports but if they never intended on purchasing, what's the point?

The Strategy

With the optimised sales pipeline and new website set up, we finally had a well-oiled machine through which to funnel new leads.

  • Targeting new visitors
  • Gotta catch 'em all

Targeting new visitors

  • Using paid media, we generated more website traffic with tools such as Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords, focusing on certain traits and characteristics of purchasers.
  • Once visitors left the website we followed them using remarketing to increase their brand exposure with the goal of having them return to the offers on one of our landing pages. 

Gotta catch 'em all

  • Once we had visitors coming to the website we had to make sure we were capturing their information.
  • When the paid media ads and remarketing CTAs were clicked we wanted to direct visitors somewhere we could capture their information. Landing pages were designed to coincide with different events and offerings including an open day, end of year sales and a financing offer.
  • These landing pages encouraged visitors to exchange their contact details in return for booking in a test drive of the new model or access to an exclusive finance deal.

The Results


New Monthly Website Visitors


Increase in Leads

With the use of targeted paid media and custom designed landing pages, BMW across two locations saw an increase from 7,000 to 7,500 monthly website visits. The real gem in the crown of the results was the 10x increase in leads per month which was accomplished within two months.

"Passionate, creative and innovative agency. Very trusting and easy to collaborate with."

Rebecca Mancini
Marketing Manager BMW


Understanding BMW's audience and using paid media to target visitors who were more likely to purchase was key to increasing leads and awareness of their offerings. We're still on speed dial every time it's coming up to the end of the month and BMW are in need of a few fresh leads, add us to your speed dial if you are interested in learning more. 

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