Welcome to the 'hood.

We’re not your standard digital agency, but everyone probably says that. If you’ve come to this page, it’s probably because you;

  • Want to learn what makes us, us.
  • Want to see if we’re as attractive as you’ve heard people say.
  • Need to know if your people and our people are going to jive.

There’s only one way you’re going to get answers to those questions, and it’s through understanding what makes Neighbourhood a community you want to be a part of.


...Or, I guess, by stalking us on social media. Dealer's choice. 

Neighbourhood Digital Agency

The Who

No, not the band - us. Neighbourhood is a small, intimate team, where we’re mates first, colleagues second and serious pinball competitors third. We’re all here because we’re the kind of people who look at a puzzle with manic excitement. We’re problem solvers and creative thinkers that believe in solutions, not problems.


With personalised skill sets spanning design, advertising, sales, calligraphy, dj-ing and small, fixed-wing aircraft piloting, we bring a lot to the table (...most of it useful), and are always on the hunt for a road less travelled and a solution that no one saw coming. 


The Where

Our little Neighbourhood can be found in Teneriffe, where we share a historic former woolshed with some other cool folks including Nova 106.9.


It’s our belief that a silent, closed office is creativity hell, so our office always has the tunes pumping, someone racking up the big scores on the Playstation at lunch and a lot of muffled laughter at the dumb jokes we Slack to each other. Our office is a second home, where there are beers in the fridge, hourly Aus Post package deliveries and Teddy, Puck & Millie, our office French Bulldogs keeping us safe from any well-meaning visitors. 

Neighbourhood Digital Agency

The What

At Neighbourhood, we go with the flow and fix on the fly. We believe that any work we do has room to continuously grow and improve. We love to throw ourselves into the deep-end, and look to run before anyone even mentions walking. We know what we know and when we don’t know something, we find someone who does and learn from them.


Everyone who’s a part of Neighbourhood is here because they love to learn, so if you have something to teach us, we’re going to listen.


The Clients

First off, our clients aren’t just clients, nor are they just businesses - they’re people, and part of the Neighbourhood too. We’re not going to give cookie-cutter work because we’re not cookie-cutter people. Every job and every person is unique, so our work is too.


If you have a challenge you need help with, from growing your business to needing staff training to starting a whole new brand, Neighbourhood is here to help. That’s what we do… solve people’s problems.

Neighbourhood - Agency

Our Vision

"To inspire brands to communicate with their audience as people, helping them to solve problems and find solutions."

Our Mission

"Neighbourhood inspires deeper, more meaningful communication between brands and their people, wherever those people may be found."

Neighbourhood Digital Agency

Our Goals

To inspire & educate those around us, including ourselves.

To enhance the importance of humanising marketing & sales.

To create quality content that we will create conversation.

To foster a community of forward thinking and socially aware individuals.

To collaborate on projects that are mutually beneficial for both brands and our people.

To challenge ourselves to seek and own new information.

Meet your Neighbours

Trav White
Trav White
Head of Growth
Dom Carlin
Dom Carlin
Head of Digital Strategy
Amanda Barna
Amanda Barna
Operations Manager
Geordie Roberts
Geordie Roberts
Digital Marketing Strategist
Olivia Brooks
Olivia Brooks
Digital Marketing Specialist
Madeline Smith - Neighbourhood
Madeline Smith
Digital Marketing Specialist
Jacinta Lal
Jacinta Lal
Client Success Coordinator
Cameron Ball
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Ben Kelly
Ben Kelly
Raj Desai
Head of SEM
Vivek Kangarot
Head of SEO
Rajbir Kaur Neighbourhood
Rajbir Kaur
Hubspot COS Developer
Narender Balauda
Narender Balauda
Head of Digital Development (52)
Nivesh Saharan
Full Stack Developer & Integrations
Charlotte Freeman
UI Designer

Our Story

From the kitchen bench to the world.

Big businesses aren't good at humanising their marketing communications. It was a realisation that came quickly to Trav, a man with a solid background in sales and who had previously owned a creative agency. How could such successful companies be doing such a garbage job of treating their customers like actual people?!

Setting out with a laptop, a phone and the skills learnt from years as a salesman, Trav wanted to encourage businesses to look at customer engagement seriously, to stop just following the herd and start communicating naturally. In short, to be real. 

4 years later, after working with over 134 different clients, Trav decided it was time to fully commit; to refocus his own business on the same goal he’d helped so many other brands achieve. Neighbourhood was born as a force to inspire deeper, more meaningful communication between brands and their people, wherever they may be.

It has proved to an inspiration sorely needed, as Neighbourhood continues to grow year on year. By focusing on professional development internally and continuous development for our clients, Neighbourhood is personalising, automating and helping more brands than ever before. Neighbourhood is here to help brands solve their customers problems, not sell to them.

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