API Integrations & Webhooks

Neighbourhood provides API Integration & Webhook services to optimise your software stack, helping your back-end users best serve your front-end users.

Integrating software and automating tasks that streamline your internal processes, offering efficiency while empowering your UI.

Does your marketing engine require a great many moving parts? Maybe just one very important part that requires a specialised software solution? Ensuring information flows freely between softwares is sometimes as easy as clicking a button, but more often than not it requires the development of an API to ensure what happens in one, affects another. Perhaps you want a form submission on your site to send an email from MailChimp? Maybe you want new customers who ring your business number added to your CRM? What you need is an API.

Whether it's keeping your data consistent, rigging something to work in a slightly different way to how you originally planned or something else entirely, API's and Webhooks can solve a great many headaches you may run into. 

The Benefits of API Integrations and Webhooks


Webhooks opt for greater efficiency, allowing applications to transfer data from triggering events into other apps in real-time


API Integrations save costs due to the reduction in developmental resources required to create applications


Webhooks save time by automating specific processes that transfer data, allowing users to determine unique actions for triggering events in a variety of interfaces


API Integrations offer faster development, saving resources as devs can implement existing functionality rather than thinking of solution from the ground-up

How Neighbourhood Can Help


We can review existing integrations that may exist for your software options. Popular softwares will often have pre-built integrations to other common softwares, so you might be in luck!


Our development team is on hand to plan, build and implement API's as needed. They have substantial experience with all manner of connection, from massive tech options such as Salesforce, down to small companies with simple offerings.


Have something extra specialised? Our team can help you as you need and work with them to find a unique solution to your unique issue. 


Our team is experienced with a range of APIs, from Web-service options like REST, SOAP and JSON-RPC, to Javascript and Java API. 

Let's create a well-oiled machine that fires from all cylinders, eh?

If you think you could use a hand with tightening up the inner workings of your software-software connections, just reach out! A lot of our digital projects involve some level of API or Webhook support, so we're well versed in their development and management.

Looking to optimise your internal processes through APIs or Webhooks?

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