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Keen on implementing live chat on your website? We develop and maintain live chat implementation strategy that enhances your overall customer experience.

Live Chat Implementation Services | Neighbourhood

With the rise of inbound marketing changing the way we interact with prospects, it comes as no surprise that businesses are prioritising the customer experience. Today's customers seek quick responses. No longer reliant on traditional forms of communication like calls, letters or emails, their focus has shifted to instant messaging - saving time and allowing for multi-tasking! 


Despite its prominence, live chat hasn't always been used efficiently. Perseverance and sustainability are key to connecting and communicating with customers, and creating opportunities to increase sales with lower acquisition costs. Effective implementation and understanding of the software is therefore, essential! 


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We'll help you customise your chat bots to the pages that they appear on, so that you're providing your visitors with a consistent service experience. 


Let us assist in building out extensive Lead Qualification chat bots that can help you to work out who is worth putting in touch with your sales team, and who can be sent to the frequently asked questions. 


Make the most of the many options provided in automated chat bot workflows - from answering their questions with articles from your knowledge base, to starting a live chat with your support team, to collecting their information directly - save time and money by using your chat bot like another employee. 



Live chat is convenient for customers, allowing them to be instantly connected to an agent, the conversation to be saved, queries to be answered quickly and the ability to multi-task. 


Live chat saves money, both in comparison to the setup costs of phone and email, and its ability to address multiple queries at once. 


Live chat saves time by maximising the productivity of both sales teams and customers alike! 


Live chat increases sales, especially during checkout, as 77% of consumers say that they need to talk to a real person before making a purchase online. 


Live chat builds long-term relationships with satisfied customers, who are less likely to switch to competition and therefore important to the sustainability of your business. 

80% of customers say they're willing to spend more for a good customer experience. Knowing this, it is important for business owners to ask themselves, is your current customer service strategy more convenient for you, or your customers? 


Here at Neighbourhood, we're of the understanding that keeping your customers happy will help your business grow and prosper, and so developing and maintaining a live chat strategy that enhances your overall customer experience will be key to your success!  

Live Chat
Keen on implementing Live Chat on your website?