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Are you looking for blogging services in Australia? Click here to find out how Neighbourhood can do this to help you build brand awareness and lead generation.

Blogging Services in Australia | Neighbourhood

As I'm sure you've noticed, "the times they are a changin". The dynamic nature of technology and consumer demand means that it is becoming super important for businesses to develop a strong web presence to engage their customers. Ahem, speaking of... 


Blogging is the creation of short-form content that increases your online visibility. Think of it like any of your other marketing channels - it drives traffic to your website and provides opportunities for that traffic to convert! So, every blog post is a precious opportunity for you to appear for the queries people are entering in search engines. 


Neighbourhood combines in-depth keyword research, topic relevancy and top-notch writers to create opportunities for your website to be found by the people that you want to find it, so you can generate leads and customers for your business!

Marketing & Growth



We'll begin by creating/refining the buyer persona you're looking to target with your blogging strategy. Bootstrapping it through question and answer forms, social media, conversations with sales and current blog comments. 


Once we're clear who we're targeting, we'll uncover what your potential customers are searching for by conducting some in-depth keyword research to develop a list of 5-10 keywords that you want to rank in search engines for! 


We will then optimize your blog, by distributing it across various content types, like putting quotes into images, information into infographics or podcasts, etc. With a variety of content at our fingertips, we will enlist inbound marketing promotional tactics to promote our blog and spread the word!



How many views are your blog posts getting? Which posts are more popular than others? 


How many shares are you getting on social media? Are the comments encouraging? 


What is the bounce rate? A high bounce rate may indicate your blog isn't intuitive enough to keep people reading.  


Are you using relevant keywords to optimize your positioning in search results? 


Do you have any returning visitors? How loyal are your readers? 

If you're on the look out for a killer blog strategy, then Neighbourhood have you covered! Writing quality content, selecting relevant keywords, and regular updates are key to blogging and your overall inbound marketing strategy. 


Any business that relies on their website for sales, can expect our process to fix them up nice, with improved organic search, higher quality leads and increased conversions and ROI as a result! 


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