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Aeropower are a multifaceted helicopter organisation leading the industry in specialist aviation-based inspection and maintenance services. Beyond servicing, Aeropower are an RTO backed by pilots with 15,000+ hours of experience collectively. Looking to reflect this expertise, Aeropower reached out to Neighbourhood looking to improve their website user experience and interface to deliver quality at every touchpoint while enticing qualified leads to enrol. 

Aeropower Flight School

Their wants.

A beautiful and purpose-built website to match the brand reputation

A website optimised for conversion and seamless user experience

Their needs.

A sales-enabling website that empowers the visitor to educate themselves before engaging with the Aeropower team

A Paid Media strategy to funnel highly qualified leads to the new website


Creation of sales enablement tools and lead magnets to entice potential students


In mid-2021, Adam reached out to see whether his long-time friend, Trav, could extend a hand to help Aeropower grow their lead base, after many months of stagnation. With a WordPress site 10 years out-of-date, no clear path to conversion, lengthy site loading times, and poor UX, Adam recognised that their single source of truth for sales enablement (their website) was - in fact - their biggest bottleneck. It didn't reflect the enormity of what Aeropower could deliver - a quality service backed by unmatched flying experience.


In an effort to do this, and hit enrollment quotas, Adam tried his hand at setting up a Facebook Ad campaign ... to no avail. Not only were the results disheartening, the campaign attracted unqualified leads at a higher cost per click. Aeropower were spread thin trying to reinvest their internal resources into an underwhelming campaign while trying to service and support non-starter leads. 


Chinwag-turned-discovery session, Trav identified that Aeropower needed a full overhaul of their website, and in setting the site up for early success; an optimised SEM strategy too. With the path ahead mapped out, we embarked on creating an ads-to-website funnel that educated and enabled leads every step of the way.

The Plan. 


  • Creation of Audiences and Connecting to HubSpot
  • Website Review, Recommendations and Build
  • Buyer Persona Workshop 


  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Hub Training
  • Sales Pipeline Development 


The Approach

The Approach.

Before the complete overhaul, our initial approach was to step into the shoes of potential pilots, by way of learning how to best attract, engage and delight them. A kick-off meeting allowed Neighbourhood to review Aeropower's buyer personas and get clear on how we could best position the service. We knew that once we had identified the 'who', the resulting content and paid ads strategy we'd create would fall into place.

This know-how, coupled with an extensive review of competitor websites allowed us to start creating content that would be a true reflection of the brand, and position Aeropower as a thought leader in the Aviation RTO Industry.

As we rewrote how Aeropower presented themselves in their content, we then turned our attention to the user experience on-site. As Aeropower are totally unique in their space, with impeccable training capability as well as the biggest helicopter power line cleaning company in the country, we had to create a remarkable user experience that continued this narrative.

We used Miro to wireframe the customer journey from the Home page through to the Contact page, finding opportunities to integrate content marketing to speed up the contact-to-customer rate.

Aeropower MiroBoard

Achieving intuitive website design and UX was the initial approach, now came the training of how to nurture those leads effectively for conversion. Neighbourhood developed a thorough sales pipeline that involved internal and external communications to trigger tasks, reminders and automated emails to streamline a previously blurred structure. 

With a clear sales pipeline implemented, admin time significantly reduced, even as we reinforced the consistent quality of Aeropower's processes. Ensuring everyone was on the same page, Sales and Marketing Pro onboarding training sessions were introduced to get Aeropowers sales team well-equipped with how to use the software. Pulling in leads was one goal, but knowing how to nurture and empower these leads was another. 

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The Solution

The Solution.

The new website now offered a first-class user interface but most importantly, a second-to-none user experience allowing visitors to navigate essential information easily without tedious load times. Aeropower now attracted ideal clients with valuable, clean content that reflected the quality of service available, encouraging leads to engage through an efficient website.

Now with the site live, the next task was to push the right people in that direction. Rather than staying micro solely through Facebook, Neighbourhood saw an opportunity in capturing new students via both Facebook and Google Ads. Neighbourhood created segmented ads for every funnel stage to nurture leads through their prospective customer journey with Aeropower. Each Facebook ad offered unique selling points and training opportunities with Aeropower, with the bottom of the funnel showcasing the students end certification. Previously prone to long wait times and lack of a detailed online customer journey and sales funnel, the synergy of ads and a welcoming website aimed to stimulate visitors into qualified leads and encourage conversions. 


Aeropower HubSpot CMS Website


The Results

The Results. 

In short? A lightning fast HubSpot CMS website. With the goal of a 'sales-enabling website' guiding our engagement with Aeropower, we couldn't have completed the project in a better position ... after having delivered just that. With a sales velocity increase of 25%, Aeropower's website now had intuitive touchpoints that attracted quality leads and encouraged conversions.

With 18 leads per month being our launchpad at the project inception, we were ecstatic to have propelled that to 145 leads per month once the optimised site went live.

By creating a website that not only performed like a salesperson but instilled confidence in leads that Aeropower is the only choice, the team were truly taken aback by the increase in enquiries.

Aeropower Flight School

The Impact.

Adam Roy
"The team at Neighbourhood took our marketing/branding and CRM to the next level. We had reached the end of what we could do on our own and the Neighbourhood team picked up our marketing ball and ran with it. I would recommend Trav and the team to anyone looking to refresh and turbo charge their marketing efforts. We look forward to working with the team on our future marketing efforts."

The Future.

A rich past and bright future makes it one of our most enjoyable projects to work on alongside Adam and the team. With confidence now in their website and clear customer journeys through the tools set-up, Aeropower are now expanding to other capitals in Australia, as well as offering their pilots post-grad flight instructor training. We're excited to be sitting front-row as our Neighbours over at Aeropower continue to take off.

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