Enabling Growth with Enable College

Enable College is a Registered Training Organisation located in South Australia that provides Aged Care, Childcare and Business courses. They originally approached Neighbourhood to assist them with lead generation and for assistance with building their funnel for new student sign-ups.

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What they wanted


Lead Generation - they were in need of some fresh new leads for their sales staff to work for their upcoming intake


Conversion optimisation - At the time, they had a few leads coming in, though low lead quality and the time needed to qualify these leads were frustrating sales staff

What they needed


Scalability - The business was unable to grow because they were being limited by old processes


Updated software that could provide structure within which we could place leads


After a significant review of the marketing and sales process, it was clear that the sales staff had absolutely no way to scale. If we brought more leads to the door it would just make the issue worse. After a 2 day workshop, it was clear that the software they were using was inadequate, it meant that every stage of the sales journey was manual. Sales staff were working with unqualified leads and lacked structure in their day-to-day processes.

Scope of works

Find. Sell. Keep.

  • Buyer Persona Workshop
  • Social advertising
  • Content Generation
  • Branding and Web Design

Find. Sell. Keep.

  • Nurturing processes for new leads
  • A funnel to better categorise and communicate with leads
  • Automations in the sales process
  • Development of a Sales Pipeline and deal staging

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Who are they and how do we get them?

We conducted buyer persona workshops to truly understand what a perfect customer would look like, their habits and where they live (in the digital world). After we completed this we turned to Google Ads and Facebook to generate the demand, using smart content on landing pages we ensure the newly found leads were qualified and ready to enter the newly created sales process we created.


Helping the sales team work their magic.

Once we managed to get our hands on the new qualified lead, it was important to nurture them until they were ready to talk to someone at the campus. We developed a staged approach to this, making sure we covered the Awareness, Consideration and Decision phases. At each of these stages, we help educate the lead, so they knew what they were looking for, and where Enable College could help.

Using a detailed funnel and an automated sales process, we replaced time-intensive processes such as phone calls and manual emails from the staff with quick, efficient automation that could run 24/7.

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All of the things

Before long, we were able to fill the Enable College pipeline with significant numbers of new leads, tracking not just them, but their potential sale price and ROI. Through monthly paid advertising campaigns, we were able to experiment with the types of ads we were creating and fine tune them to be consistently pumping out quality leads. (6)-2 (21)-2
"Trav and his team at Neighbourhood turned our marketing around from the point where we were sitting around waiting for the phone to ring to getting on the front foot, targeting our audience and message and using Hubspot to automate so much of the funnel process. Now we are able to turn the lead tap on and off depending on our capacity to cope with the increased inquiries. Neighbourhood know Hubspot and was able to get it all rolling for us with little to no technical input from our end. I would recommend the whole package to anyone - get Neighbourhood to manage your digital marketing and get him to set up Hubspot for you."


We were able to build robust, effective and helpful processes for their sales team that are still in use today. The learnings we made with regards to paid advertising strategy still play a role in Enables advertising, resulting in consistently strong, quality returns. Our original goal was to help Enable build a version of themselves that was able to scale, and that's exactly what they've been doing for the last few years. 
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