On Demand: "How to Create Buyer Personas from Scratch to Drive Sales" Webinar 


If you feel like your marketing campaigns are consistently falling on deaf ears and your precious budget is going to waste, reach your customers while keeping your 1.5m distance with our ON DEMAND webinar "How to Create Buyer Personas from Scratch to Drive Sales".


Join Liv, Neighbourhood's Digital Marketing Coordinator, to win hearts, minds and dollar signs by learning how to speak directly to your customers and be heard! She'll walk you through how Neighbourhood conducts market research and buyer persona workshops to craft drool-worthy buyer personas and encourage out-of-this-world engagement and continuous sales!


In this webinar you will:

  • Discover what a buyer persona is and why it is so important to your bottom line.

  • Experience a walkthrough of how Neighbourhood conducts buyer persona workshops, and how you can conduct one for your business!

  • Learn how to conduct effective market research to build an actionable persona.

  • Learn every step you need to take to create polished buyer personas that you can use to encourage increased engagement and boost sales.