Digital Marketing Strategist Role

We're looking for a talented Digital Marketing Strategist to join the crew at Neighbourhood!


A little about us first though... 

At Neighbourhood, we like to think that the most valuable trait a person can have is curiosity. We're problem solvers, we like to find out how things work (sometimes by breaking them first) and create marketing, sales and customer service journeys that are personalised, human and real. 
We think that being stuck in a quiet cubicle is the worst possible type of workplace, so we've tried hard to make ours pretty excellent. If you like dogs, then you'll love Teddy, the office french bulldog, though expect him to be begging you to throw his ball pretty consistently. If you've got a weird spotify playlist you want to throw on then go nuts, we won't judge... much.
We also think that the best thing that can come from working in a small agency is the skills needed to work in big business. If you've got your sights set on the tippy-top of the corporate ladder, then Neighbourhood is somewhere where you can grow your skills, working on various different projects across Australia in numerous different industries. Just remember us when you reach the top, okay? 
This position is for 12 weeks and is unpaid, though you'll leave with a boatload of certifications, knowledge of how a marketing agency runs, the software we use, how we create content, and some legit, on-the-ground experience. We're also not averse to the occasional cold one after a long day, so expect a few opportunities to kick it with the team during your stay in the 'hood. 
So what is it we need you to do?
Working predominantly on digital marketing you'll take point on multiple projects, for varied clients. You'll be analysing data on the reg for the purpose of delivering effective digital strategies. Ideally, you'll be a gun when it comes to not only the strategy but also the implementation. We are Australia's #1 Diamond HubSpot partner agency, so having used HubSpot and delivered results with the platform will be a big advantage for you to get this role.
Experience developing lasting relationships with clients and project stakeholders to ensure ongoing service as well as driving upgraded revenue from service up-sells will be a standout on your application. 




Essential Attributes:
  • Minimum 3 years in digital marketing, project management and/or agency account management
  • Ambitious, easy to work with, have a good sense of humour, and positive attitude
  • Experience in working within CRM'S, Automation tools. (eg. HubSpot, Salesforce)
  • Ability to educate internal and external stakeholders in digital marketing best practices
  • Experience in successfully growing relationships and creating customer success
  • Ability to multi-task in a deadline driven environment 
  • Flexibility to figure things out while processes are being continuously refined and improved
  • Ambitious, easy to work with, have a good sense of humour, and positive attitude
  • The ability to make well informed strategic decisions and manage end-to-end, interpret digital data and analytics to create digital strategies
  • Bonus - Google Adwords, Display, HubSpot Certifications, Understanding of SEO & PPC Practices


Think you might be the kind of person that would fit right into our Neighbourhood? Drop us a line below!